Take A Cigar For A Walk: Tommy Berry and the Punch Gran Puro

Tommy’s filling in for me this weekend while family comes first.

I have yet to start my boot camp…but looking forward to it beginning soon! We’ve had some snags in the way of our home purchase and are in the process of moving to another lender…so be in prayer for that!

As far as walking goes, I was able to snag some time to take a cigar for a walk a few days ago. I took with me a Punch Gran Puro. For me, it was a bit on the mild side however it was full of flavor! This one was recently gifted to me by a BOTL on Cigarworld.com and I could tell that it had been around for a long time before sending it to me. It had a beautiful, very yellow = well aged cellophane wrapper. After opening it, it appeared to me that I was going to love this cigar! And love it, yes I did! I walked for exactly one hour and was only a good 3/4 ‘s of the way through it before landing on my front porch to finish it off. It burned evenly, held a great ash and the smoke was very “colorful” to say the least. The smoke was thick and yellow…that’s when I know I am smoking one that’s aged well. Durring the walk I only had to flick the ash a  few times when it grew long…as it held tightly to the cigar during the walk. I would highly recommend that you try yourself a Punch Gran Puro any chance you get! One last thing to add is that the weather here in East Texas has been unseasonably cool for this time of the year, but it has been extremely nice!

I hope that I can make it out there tonight for another one…as I need to be doing this 5 days a week…not once or twice a week. However, I will say this. If you too have been taking a cigar for a walk…and if only once or twice a week…then be proud of yourself…as at least you are doing something good for yourself…instead of just sitting in the chair!

Long ashes to ya! -Tommy

Thanks Tommy, keep up the good work and everything will work out with the home purchase.

Until the next time,


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