Take A Cigar For A Walk: Tommy Berry and the La Gloria Cubana Serie N


Here’s another installment of Tommy Berry Jr’s exercise in exercise, otherwise known as “Take A Cigar For A Walk”!

Today was a great day, I received a package in the mail from General Cigar that contained my winnings from a recent ‘La Gloria Cubana Serie N’ photo contest. I usually let my smokes rest for awhile after traveling across the country, but today…I grabbed one of the LGC Serie N – JSB’s and hit the pavement for a walk during my lunch break. I work downtown, and there is no excuse for me to not chose to take a walk any day. I sit in an office all day and today I decided to get up and do some walking!

The LGC ‘N cigar is a rather strong, full body smoke and they have not let me down yet. I lit this sucker and immediately smelled the (fancy word here…) “greatness” this cigar has to offer. The flavor profile was busy, but I will let your own senses detect what you get from yours…but nonetheless, this one has many great aromas and flavors while smoking. I walked around the downtown Tyler area and with the nice weather, I really enjoyed smoking this cigar. I can say that it had no bad aftertaste, stayed lit well, drew pretty hard but overall it is one of the best LGC cigars I have had since they changed them many years ago. Now the ‘N has only been around about eight months or so, but I still choose this cigar as my favorite all around LGC.

The walk was great too…I enjoyed the scenery and the weather. I got my exercise in for the day while walking the 75+ minutes. I have boot camp on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays…so I try to get a walk in on the other days to help with my weight loss. If you have been reading my posts for some time, you’d know that I started taking a cigar for a walk to help me get off my rear and start to lose the 150+ pounds of excess weight that I have put on my body over the years. With this “walk plan”, boot camp (my Marine Sgt. Is whipping my rear-end) and by eating right…as of this past Monday (6-6), I have lost a total of 20lbs! Thats got me pretty excited…and more reason to get my cigar walks in every other day or so.

So, if you have been trying to walk with a cigar, and are struggling…know that it does make a difference in many areas of your life. I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t enjoy a fine smoke…let alone knock out a good smoke and some exercise all in one? I ask you to get up out of that computer chair…and take that cigar thats in your mouth…for a walk! You can do it!

Long ashes to ya!

Tommy Berry, Jr.

Great to hear that Tommy’s lost 20 pounds!  I’m sure the boot camp is doing wonders, but the activity along with the reward of a fine cigar is helping with the motivation!  Keep up the great work!  I love the LGC Serie N, it’s a wonderful cigar, and I had the great pleasure of taking part in their Webcast for Serie N Day a few months back.  The presentation is excellent, but the cigar is even better!  That dark, oily wrapper is a thing of beauty and the lighter colored “N” applied to the wrapper exhibits an attention to detail that carries through to the rest of the cigar.  A serious winner!  Take a look on the Team La Gloria site to see Tommy’s winning photo which he referenced above, I tried to link to it here, but couldn’t figure out a way! Silly Flash!

That’s it for now! Until the next time,


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  1. TriMarkC

    Great job Tommy! And another awesome review!

    • Tommy Berry (quo155)

      Thanks Mark…it’s a great smoke from GCC!

      Watch out for a TACFAW review of one the recent Acid’s that I received from you…soon!

  2. Tommy Berry (quo155)

    Come on guys…let’s hear about your TACFAW here!!! 🙂

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