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Cigar News featuring Diamond Crown, Big Papi, Psyko Seven and Montecristo

Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S. readers! Today will be filled with food and family here in a few hours, so I’m going to be real lazy and put out a post with a bunch of news items that have recently come across my desk (and I slacked off last night and didn’t get a post out). I hope everyone has a great day!


Diamond Crown

Diamond Crown Black Diamond Box Open Emerald

First up is the long-awaited release from J.C. Newman, the Diamond Crown Black Diamond. This has been in the works for years, I’ve heard stories of how they settled on a blend, then tweaked it again, and finally have it ready for release tomorrow, Black Friday.  What a coincidence to be releasing the Black Diamond on Black Friday! Something tells me there was some thought put into that.  Anyway, I’m anxious to get my hands on this, I’ve got two Diamond Crown Lounges within about a ten-mile radius so I should be able to find one. I fondly remember smoking my first Diamond Crown in Las Vegas in 1998, good stuff, I can’t wait to try this one.


Big Papi

Next we have news from El Artista about the launch of the Big Papi, a cigar that I have on hand and will be smoking in the very near future, along with some other goodies from the company.



(New York City) – El Artista Cigars hosted the first event featuring David “Big Papi” Ortiz at Central Bar & Lounge in New York City on November 3, 2016. Over 200 were in attendance including pitcher Cici Sabathia, premium cigar shop owners from all over the country, as well as fans, friends, and family of David Ortiz and El Artista. “This is a celebration to recognize the hard work everyone has put into the launch of this new line,” says Radhames Rodriguez, President of El Artista Cigars, “and we are very happy to see everyone enjoying the cigar.”

David OrtizDavid Ortiz was the star of the party. He signed cigar boxes and hats and took photos with partygoers. Jonas Santana, Marketing Manager for El Artista Cigars states, “David will be at several events in the US in 2017, this is just the first of many to come.” El Artista expects Mr. Ortiz will make appearances in California, New York, New Hampshire, Florida, Dominican Republic, and elsewhere before IPCPR 2017. According to El Artista management, “David is all in for Big Papi events and he is committed to the brand 100%; expect big things from Big Papi in 2017.”

El Artista will hold a series of in-store tastings as well as meet & greet events featuring David Ortiz in 2017. The schedule will be posted on the El Artista website: http://elartistacigars.com/


Psyko Seven

Psyko Seven is a cigar I really like, in both the original natural wrapper and the maduro, which, of course, I prefer. I look forward to trying this Connecticut as I do enjoy a good Connecticut from time to time.


November 2016 – Inviting cigar aficionados to “Reach into the Dark to Find the Light,” Ventura Cigar is pleased to reveal PSyKo Seven Connecticut, the third blend in its much-admired PSyKo Seven Collection.


PSyKo Seven Connecticut is expertly crafted in the Dominican Republic with an exclusive blend of premium of seven tobaccos. It sits apart from others in the PSyKo Seven collection with its lighter wrapper, serving up a more mild-bodied experience. This smooth cigar invites enthusiasts to disconnect from chaos and commotion, to take a step back from the reality of the everyday, and enjoy a rich, flavorful experience.


Housed in a sleek, black box, and enveloped with a white prescription form that encourages people to “medicate their mind,” there are three vitolas available: Robusto 4.75 x 50, the Toro 6.25 x 48, and the Gordo 6.00 x 60.


“The PSyKo Seven Collection has enjoyed a lot of attention,” says Jason Carignan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ventura Cigar Company. “It’s known for offering up high quality sticks at a great price, earning 90+ ratings from top cigar publications. It’s a favorite of both the retailer and the consumer, so we added PSyKo Seven Connecticut to round out the line, and give our enthusiasts more to explore, and more to connect with.”


A solid choice to pair with friends and family, PSyKo Seven Connecticut will enrich and relax holiday festivities with a post-meal smoke and a dram of whiskey. All three vitolas will be shipping to retailers in late November. Please visit venturacigar.com for additional information.



Finally we have another in a long list of collaborations with A.J. Fernandez, this time Monticristo is introducing a JR Cigars exclusive.


Montecristo Crafted by A. J. Fernandez


Burlington, NC – Santa Clara, Inc. is beginning broader distribution of the newly introduced Montecristo Crafted by A. J. Fernandez line of cigars. Montecristo Crafted by A.J. Fernandez is collaboration between the Altadis U.S.A. Montecristo brand and Tabacalera Fernandez and is being crafted exclusively for Santa Clara, Inc.


Made in Nicaragua from the finest Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, San Andres binder, and Nicaraguan and Honduran filler, this box-pressed, oscuro-wrapped cigar is an eye-catching masterpiece.


An icon, Montecristo has been the benchmark for luxury and quality since 1935. With this long tradition of excellence, the Montecristo name can only be entrusted to craftsmen capable of building on this proud legacy. A. J. Fernandez has been chosen by Altadis U.S.A. to add his name to the history of the Montecristo brand for this new, exclusive cigar.


A. J. Fernandez began his career creating cigars for some of the biggest names in the industry before launching his own brands. His brands developed a cult following among cigar aficionados. And his factory, which began with just 6 rollers, now produces over 9 million sticks a year.


The Montecristo Crafted by A. J. Fernandez is available in five sizes – Churchill 7 x 50, Figurado 4 x 52, Gordo 6 x 58, Robusto 5 x 52 and Toro 6 x 50, with MSRPs ranging from $9.95 to $12.50 and in box counts of 10 cigars – and delivers a range of bold flavors from sweet to savory with notes and nuances of dark cocoa, espresso, leather and licorice.


“We are extremely proud to deliver to the market this collaborative project between two exciting entities. The blend they put together really makes a statement for both companies and I can’t wait to hear the customers reaction”, said Rob Norris, President of Santa Clara.


Montecristo Crafted by A.J. Fernandez will be available to the public on December 1, 2016 at www.jrcigars.com.


That’s all for today.  I hope to enjoy something special today after the dust (and dinner) settles. Not sure what that might be yet, but I’ve got all day to think about it and thankful to have plenty to choose from!


Until the next time,




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Psyko Seven Psunday and Insane Cigars

A few months ago my wife entered a contest on Best Cigar Prices Facebook page and managed to win a box of Psyko7Psyko Seven Tubos and a Psyko Seven Humidor. I’ve mentioned the humidor before, I’m impressed with this budget friendly box, it’s large, it holds humidity well, and it’s not unattractive. It came in very handy as a place for IPCPR samples so I can keep them segregated and not forget where they came from! By the way, since I know people at Best Cigar Prices, I checked and everything was above-board and my wife truly won this random drawing. I, personally refrain from entering contests, I prefer to have contests. We figured we’d have another herf at PsykoSeven_Toro_tubothe house to share some of the Psyko Seven Tubos, but I guess it wasn’t a great night to do it as we had one guest, my friend Mike, who is a local reader and I met because he won one of the days of last year’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways. To those who couldn’t make it, we missed you. Mike and I spent a couple of hours enjoying these fine cigars from Ventura Cigar Company, made at the Kelner Boutique factory in the Dominican Republic.  These are wrapped in a Dominican wrapper, and they boast a six country blend, including Peruvian and Pennsylvanian tobaccos, as well as Mexican, Honduran and Nicaraguan. I found this to be a nice, mild, complex cigar, with a nice burn. It was a very nice smoke. Mike had this to say: I enjoyed this cigar! The Psyko Seven Toro Tubo was the perfect cigar for a two-hour conversation with Craig. It was a well-made, even-burning mild stick that offered some nice, sweet flavors, while not getting in my face with too much power. While I did not pick up on any specific and easily identifiable flavors, I did like the overall taste and smoked it down to the nub. Would definitely smoke another one!”  It was a tasty cigar, made better by good company. Thanks to the folks at Best Cigar Prices for the contest, Mike for joining me, and my wife for winning and sharing the cigars and humidor with me!


I felt a theme week with the Psyko Sevens, so I had an Asylum Premium short torpedo that was in the humidor for a while and was very good. I actually couldn’t find this size listed anywhere, so maybe I’ve had it in the humidor for a couple years.  Monday I went with another Asylum, the Famous Smoke Shop Exclusive Asylum Lobotomy in the toro size. I really enjoy this cigar, it’s on the stronger side, and loaded with deep, dark, lush flavor. Nicely priced under $5 too.  I went Psyko again last night with the Psyko Seven MADuro in the robusto size.  This is another Kelner made cigar with a San Andrés wrapper.  Fantastic smoke with the same filler blend as the natural version, and equally as complex, with more power and sweetness. Tonight I went nuts with an Asylum Straight Jacket, the top of the line Asylum.  I won an auction for a box (10) of these a few years back, and haven’t smoked one in a while. I forgot how really great these cigar are. Really good tasting, and good to a very small nub. Its a shame these were robustos as I was sad when it started to burn my fingers.

Asylum_Premium BelicosoIMG_3751IMG_3755 (Edited)Asylum_Straightjacket_Robusto










It was a crazy week, and I smoked some insanely good cigars.  I wonder what I should smoke for the rest of the week?  Until the next time,





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MBombay News and Cigars and the Ventura Psycho Seven Contest Winner

MBombay_CorojoOscuro_RobustoSince Mel at MBombay Cigars sent me the news item below and asked me to post it, I thought I’d smoke a couple of the samples he gave me at the IPCPR show when I met up with him and his crew.  Tuesday I selected the MBombay Corojo Oscuro. Of the four cigars they gave me at the show, they all look basically the same, same bands, same general wrapper color, and the same robusto format.  If Ron hadn’t written the line name on each cello I would have been lost.  Anyway, these are all made in Costa Rica at the Tabacos de Costa Rica factory, all have a covered foot, and all seem to smoke very well.  The cigar labeled Corojo Oscuro had a very rich flavor, sweet and spicy at the same time with some leather too.  It really didn’t look like what I associate with “oscuro”, it was the same milk chocolate color the other samples are, although the photos do show a difference. I guess my eyes are going too! Good smoke, still prefer the classic in this line.


MBombay_Habano_RobustoLast night I smoked the MBombay Habano, with the visual characteristics as the previous cigar, but with a bit more of a creamy and savory flavor to go along with the bit of spice. This one was very solidly packed and burned a long time for a 4½” x 50 robusto, although I would have liked to have had better smoke volume, it was a bit tight and took some effort to get a satisfying mouthful of smoke.  Still tasted great, and I have a Kecara and Mora still to smoke, and I still have a Maduro from the original release floating around. I still lean toward the Classic as a very nice, refined Connecticut shade cigar as my favorite, which is odd as I generally prefer heartier blends.  I haven’t had many cigars from this factory (and I have smoked a bunch over the last 10 or so years) that have been bad, Mel made a great choice having his cigars made in Costa Rica.


MBombay Offers A Chance to Attend one of Cigar Aficionado’s Big Smoke Evenings!

MBombay Big-Smoke-Promo


In an effort to provide Aficionados & Aficionadas a cigar Experience to remember, Bombay Tobak is offering a Drawing for 5 Tickets each to either Big Smoke Las Vegas or Big Smoke New York! The Deal…. BUY ANY 3 MBombay cigars at any MBombay Retailer, receive a Raffle Ticket to enter the Drawing… SIMPLE! Seek an MBombay Retailer near you by visiting www.bombaytobak.com.

MBombay is a Nationally Distributed Brand of Boutique cigars that incorporates Sophistication, Complexity, & Harmony of Flavors in their tobacco blends. Offering 5 different lines, their vitolas are  truly unique in their smoking Experience… a definite must ­try for all cigar lovers!

This “Big Smoke Promotion” will start on September 1, 2015 and run through October 23, 2015 for the Las Vegas, NV venue, and through November 12, 2015 for the New York venue. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to attend one of the Cigar Industry’s most sought after Events!





VenturaPsykoI intended to post this yesterday, but I was still seeing some entries come in so I figured I’d let it run thru Wednesday like I said I would and push-off posting until today.  There were 77 entries for the Ventura Psycho Seven prize pack, and Random.org generated the number 30, so the winner is Dan Colley!  Dan is a pretty regular participant in the comments here, I’m sure I’m not going to have to chase him down for his address! Congrats Dan, please e-mail me you’re coordinates so I can ship these goodies to you.


That’s it for today, until the next time,





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First Wednesday Contest Featuring Ventura Psyko Seven Cigars and Swag

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, so it’s contest time, following a tradition that began last month!  But first I want to bore you with some tales of out latest vacation this week to Mountain Lake Lodge in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We drove down Sunday and stopped at Luray Caverns on the way, which was expensive to get into , but spectacular to see. The organ they have down there that has strikers on pistons that strike tuned stalactites is a marvel. That was something to see, and we saw signs for half a dozen other caves and caverns on the drive south, buncha copy cats!  Anyway, Mountain Lake Lodge is the place where the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed back in the 80s, had we known that, we might have gone someplace else!  We ate in the dining room where Baby CAOColumbiagot put in the corner…big whoop…crappy movie. Anyway, it was a very nice place, and we had it mostly to ourselves. It takes exactly one CAO Columbia Vallenato to hike the trail which goes around the lake.  Spectacular morning cigar, the lake, not so much. It seems that once in a while the lake drains itself, it’s on a fault. It probably drains into one of those caverns they like so much around there.  Anyway, it apparently emptied itself out in 2009 and is starting to fill back up. The pictures of the resort with the lake make it look pretty cool, the lack of a lake wasn’t so cool, although if the place weren’t called Moutain LAKE Resort one may not notice. They did have a pool and a Jacuzzi that were deserted save for my wife and I, and one Tortuga Reserva Cedro Belicoso is just enough to get a little sunburn.  No pictures, I left my phone in the room.  We did some more hiking around the property, LeccaLuchadorand the food was very good in the restaurant in the lodge. There wasn’t a lot of night life with only 18 guests registered either.  On the way home we stopped by Jefferson National Forest and hiked the two miles to Cascade Falls. It takes exactly one Leccia Luchadore El Hombre to hike two miles, and the El Hombre remains one of my favorite cigars, even in the morning it was a great walking stick. The falls were pretty cool, 66′ drop and lots of cool little falls and rapids on the hike up. The weekend was a nice getaway with some exceptional cigars.




Ventura ContestA few months ago I received some pretty cook stuff from Ventura Cigar Co. in support of their really good Psyko Seven Maduro. I tried to find these guys at the IPCPR show, and managed to get in the Phillips and King booth (their distributor) when they were giving away a Rolex  watch (I didn’t win), so it was crowded. I had some tobacco infused coffee which was interesting, but didn’t manage to find the Ventura guys. I’ll catch up with them someplace, I suppose.  Anyway, the goodies in today’s contest are a nice ceramic Ventura ashtray, a Ventura single torch lighter with a flip out punch, a fun set of Rorschach Inkblot test cards so you can find out if you have an Oedipal complex or not, and two coffin boxes containing two Psyko Seven Maduro Robustos each (total of 4 cigars).  The usual rules apply, must be over 18 and must not have won in the last  months (sorry Matt Wells!). Leave a comment here to enter. I’ll announce a winner next Wednesday, September 9, 2015.


Until the next time,







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A Mia Dora, a CAO Cigar, a Psyko Seven, a Epicurean, a Jingle and Conan in Cuba

Emilio_Mia Dora_RobustoI received a nice bunch of cigars from Gary Griffith of The House of Emilio this week which included some new coronas from some of the great companies in their stable, as well as a couple of the Emilio Mia Dora robustos. I had one I picked up at an event a few months back that I had been waiting for the right time to smoke and figured now tat I had a couple more, the moment was Sunday.   This cigar is a 5″ x 50 robusto with a Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler.  The cigar is a tribute to Gary’s fiancé, Dora.  The cigar smoked very well, producing copious amounts of smoke and a savory flavor. Much like Gary’s Draig line, there is a distictive charred meat flavor to my palate.  I look forward to sampling this cigar again.


CAO_Area9_VT6Monday I grabbed another cigar from the CAO Area 9 collection, the VT6. This collection of six cigars are all from the original CAO lines which have been in storage for anywhere from five to twenty years, and could be anything CAO made during that time period. I know I had smoked this cigar before, and have a feeling it may have been a Gold Vintage. I was a slightly box pressed toro with what looked to me like a darker Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, and had a sourness that I don’t particularly appreciate in a cigar.  It burned reasonable well, and was certainly well aged.  This is a fun sampler, the only cigar that one can identify by appearance alone looks to be a CAO America, which I don’t think I’ve ever smoked.  I grab one every now and then when I am feeling experimental.


PsykoSeven_RobustoTuesday I selected a cigar I’ve wanted to revisit since I first smoked it over a year ago when I sat in on the Cigar Authority show. I only got to smoke about half the cigar during the show, and I wanted to finish it, but the second half got cleaned up in the aftermath of the show.  I came by one at the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival and was very happy. This robusto is a generous 5½ x 50, and features a primary band that covers the majority of the cigar, which a secondary normal band underneath so you don’t forget what you are smoking. The cigar is buttery smooth, and has a very pleasing mellow flavor. I really enjoyed the heck out of this milder cigar, it’s got a Dominican Hybrid wrapper, Mexican Sumatra binder and multi-country blend in the filler.  There seem to be some terrific cigars coming from Ventura Cigars, and I think this is one of them.


Epicurean_Carnavale_Petete CoronaTonight I dipped into the cigars from Gary Griffith and selected a petite corona from Steve Ysidron’s Epicurean Carnavale line. I was looking for a fairly quick smoke, and this seemed to be the smallest of the selection.  This cigar is listed in several outlets, both media and retail, as 5½” x 48, and is most definitely not, even with the box press, it’s a 40 ring gauge if anything.  It is a really comfortable and elegant size, much like a short lancero. There can be no mistake that this was the petite corona as it said so on the barcode sticker. this cigar was probably my favorite of the week so far, and the Psyko Seven set the bar pretty high. It had a nice sweetness that was a nice digestif to the Fish and Chips dinner I had at a nearby brewhouse. The burn and draw were perfect and is smoked longer than I anticipated, as evidenced by the late hour this edition will be posting. I can’t think of an Epicurean Cigar that I didn’t really like, and this is the best of the bunch.


Today my wife presented me with a jingle she had made for me through a site called Fiverr, and I think her $5 was money well spent. Here it is with a video visualization.


Tonight on TBS is Conan O’Brien’s Cuba show which could be quite interesting.  Conan is a laugh riot, and I try to stay awake late enough to watch the show. I have the DVR set just in case. I thought it was funny when the show’s twitter account followed me today (@TeamCoco), then I received an e-mail with a list of links to the show segments in my e-mail. I guess it’s pretty cool that they sought out my site, it shows that my Google ranking isn’t too awfully bad, I guess! If you miss it tonight, here’s the list of links they sent:

“Conan In Cuba” Open


CONAN Highlight: Watch the first four minutes of Conan O’Brien’s one-man mission to meet the Cuban people and make some friends.  (live now. Worldwide)

More from tonight’s show (TBS 11/10c) – live 5:30 am ET:

Conan Joins A Cuban Salsa Band


Conan learns the importance of the Cuban clave beat and wows the band with his 8th grade Spanish skills. (live 5:30am ET. Worldwide)

Conan Takes A Cuban Spanish Lesson


Thanks to Maestra Yolanda, Conan masters the Spanish tongue twister about three sad tigers. (live 5:30am ET. Worldwide)

Conan Visits The Havana Club Rum Museum


Conan learns the rich history of Cuban rum before tasting a flight of Havana Club’s best with his guide Gretel. (live 5:30am ET. Worldwide)

Conan Learns To Dance Cuban Rumba


Dancing is a huge part of Cuban culture, inspiring Conan to take an intensive lesson to master the erotic rumba. (live5:30am ET. Worldwide)

Conan Visits Havana’s El Malecón


Conan makes friends with Cuban youth on the famous waterfront promenade, and picks up a few bad habits… (live5:30am ET. Worldwide)

Conan’s Havana Rooftop Sunset


Conan admires Central Havana at the end of the day, and imagines how CNN would report on it. (live 5:30am ET. Worldwide)

Conan Visits A Cuban Cigar Factory


Conan tries his hand at rolling La Corona cigars, but unfortunately his stogies just don’t measure up. (live 5:30am ET. Worldwide)

Conan Dines At A Cuban Paladar


Conan enjoys authentic Cuban cuisine at a paladar, a family-run restaurant located in a private home. (live 5:30am ET. Worldwide)

Conan Says Goodbye To Cuba


Conan recounts the wonderful time he had in Cuba and the amazing people he met. (live 5:30am ET. Worldwide)

That’s more than enough for now. I was going to tell a story about my first major cigar herf experience, but I’ll save that for another post.


Until the next time,





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