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CigarCraig’s Holiday Giveaways No. 3 – Drew Estate Goodies!

Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone,  2017 is just about in the books, the year went by really fast.  I honestly don’t know what to expect from 2018, but I’ll keep smoking cigars, visiting shops and going to events I suspect. So I wish everyone a safe and happy 2018, and be careful out there tonight!  I’ll be finding an appropriate cigar to smoke this evening, that’s for sure.  Anyway, there’s the business of selecting the winner of the La Gloria Cubana Contest, which includes a travel humidor and a dozen La Gloria LaGloriaCubana ContestCubana cigars. The random number generator selected Trent Berry as the winner!  Trent, please send me your address so I can ship this off to you!  Once again, thanks to Rami at General Cigar Co., Cigar Cigars in King Of Prussia for having a great event with Ernesto Carillo which caused me to open my wallet and end up with a cool humidor to give away, and of course, General Cigar Co, for being an awesome steward of a long loved brand.  Gee, I wonder what today’s giveaway is?


Contest (note: not Comic Sans this time Mike P!)


DE Contest2017Today’s third and (maybe) final giveaway of the season is a collection of goodies from my friends at Drew Estate. Included are some items that may not be very common in the wild. These are items I’ve received over the course of the year, there’s a Barnsmoker cap from the Connecticut Barn Smoker (I’m not a hat guy), a DE backpack which contained a lighter, ashtray, and other assorted goodies which was from the media party that DE threw at the 2017 IPCPR, some various stickers that I’ve accumulated over the years, some of which are from my last visit to the factory in 2013, and a selection of cigars from my humidor including Undercrowns (and example of each wrapper), a KFC, a Nica Rustica and some Joya de Nicaraguas because Drew Estate distributes them and I have a bunch.  I’ll add to it if I come across more stuff. Once again, it’s not that I don’t appreciate these gifts from Drew Estate, I do, but I like to share my good fortune, and I have lots of “stuff”! You know the de4l, leave a comment here to enter and I’ll pick a winner next Sunday, Jan 7, 2018. As always, thank YOU all for your continued support!


That’s all for now, until the next time,



(I was thinking of making a version of the logo with a party hat and one of those noisemaker, party things, for New Years, but lack the patience for that right now…something for me to work on for next year!)



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CigarCraig’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways 2015 Day 13: Drew Estate and Broc Jackson

Regular readers will know that around here it’s never over until it’s over! So today is bonus day number one (infer from that what you will), and today we have some great gifts I think you’re going to like. From our friends at Drew Estate, we have not one, but two 10 count bundles of MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly, the 5″ x 56 chunky, oh, wait, that’s the name of another size in the line, chubby robusto featuring the fire cured Kentucky tobacco, giving it a unique smoky flavor.  As if that wasn’t a great enough item for today’s giveaway, Broc Jackson, the jeweler who makes the great Drew Estate rings and pendants that Jonathan Drew and his team wear, has provided a hand made, silver Kentucky Fire Cured pendant and chain. Broc’s work can be found here, and he can be reached at kensingtonwatchservices(at)yahoo.com. The pictures don’t do it justice, it’s a beautiful piece. He offers a one year warranty on his work and also does custom pieces.  Retail value is $290 on the pendant, and the Fat Molly’s go for about $64 each, so this is a very nice gift indeed.








Yesterday I had the great pleasure of hand delivering two of the presents again this year. I met Mike and Andrew, winners of days 5 and 6, at a local shop, spent way more than the cost of postage, but it’s OK, I’d rather support my local brick and mortar shop. The winner of the day 12 Gurkha package is Chad Miller. I secretly hope that he is local as this will cost me a fortune to ship! Chad, send me your info!  Thanks again to Bianca and everyone at Gurkha!


You know what to do now, leave a comment here, check back tomorrow to see if you won!




All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on the post of the day, if you can, try to post what you know or how you feel about today’s present, the folks donating the gift should get some feedback for their troubles! It’s not a condition to win, but it’s nice to have something to read. We did this last year and it benefits everyone. Once you’ve won, you’re out, let everyone else have a chance. Must be over 18 to win. Also, be sure to visit the links for each item. Comments on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else will not count, but feel free to spread the word!


Until tomorrow,





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A MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured, a J. Fuego, a Villiger and an Editorial

It’s been a weird and busy week. The onset of Autumn bums me out. There were events I could have gone to, but just wanted to be at home.  On weekdays I’m happiest to come home from work and stay there.  I skipped the Delaware Cigar festival yesterday because we were supposed to pick up our son st the airport after a 23 day trip, and I’ve been there the last couple years. Its a great event, don’t get me wrong, and I love seeing old friends, but do you guys really want to hear about it again?  So I’m working on some new and unique cigar adventures in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


MUWAT_KFC_JAFThursday evening I was rummaging through the IPCPR samples and came across a Drew Estate My Uzi Weighs a Ton Kentucky Fire Cured “Just a Friend”, which is the toro size in the line.  This is another cigar that utilizes the fire cured tobacco from Kentucky.  I figured since I had just smoked another cigar utilizing this tobacco that it would be interesting to compare.  This cigar is made in the Joya de Nicaragua factory, and, like the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta, it has a two inch wrapper overlay on the head of the cigar. Jumping ahead a bit, I’ll mention that whatever this leaf is, it doesn’t burn.  I’ll also mention that when I smoked this cigar at the factory a few months ago I found it to be unique and interesting, but not entirely to my liking.  This hasn’t changed.  I personally find what strikes me as a campfire aroma off the unlit foot to be off putting.   That flavor isn’t overpowering in the smoke once it’s lit, it gives it a savory flavor that is interesting.  Obviously, this is just me. Everyone raves about this cigar and it certainly is well made and something that should be experienced.  If I said I loved everything that comes out of my favorite factories I’d be lying.  Smoke it yourself, it may be a cigar you love!




You, no doubt, have read on other cigar media sources of the resignation of Bill Spann as president of the IPCPR.  This probably has little or no relevance to the majority of cigar smokers, but since I interacted with Bill quite a bit over the last couple years, I’m going to bore you for a few minutes with my thoughts on this.  I first “met” Bill in March of last year after I posted  a rant on the IPCPR Internet Media Membership (http://www.cigarcraig.com/?p=3605).  Bill worked with those of us involved to try to make things right with this IPCPR membership category.  We came to an agreement, although there’s still quite a few wrinkles to be ironed out (more on that later).  Bill gave me an open line of communication, even though the president of the association had much better things to do than dealing with the smallest category of membership.  When I did have to contact him, he produced results, and I did my best not to bother him. Of course, the internet media members are members as much as your local tobacconist is, and this is where my rant begins. I hope Bill’s successor gets new media as much as Bill did, and I hope he is able to convince the board to accept us as members, because the Internet Media, and I am going out on a limb speaking for everyone, still feels unwanted.  I’d like to see one of two things happen:  either do away with the membership category and invite the media and bloggers That the IPCPR wants to have at the show, or give us the same consideration as the retail membership gets. Both would require the IPCPR to have one person in charge of the media, one point of contact.  I, for one, am tired of spending a boatload of money to join an association who doesn’t know I’m a member, and travel to the annual show. Unlike a retailer, my income is not derived from the cigar industry, I do what I do because I love doing it, not because it’s my job, and that’s the same with most if not all of the IPCPR New Media members.  Anyway, I wish Bill Spann the best of luck in his future endeavors.  I can imagine that he had a thankless job, but I want to say “Thank you” to him.


JFuego_Conn_ToroBack to the cigars!  Yesterday afternoon I dug into the trade show samples and came out with a J. Fuego Connoisseur Classique Toro. First, if anyone from J. Fuego is reading, the size is incorrect on the site, it’s a 6″ x 50 and not a 5″ x 60.  This has a nice looking Ecuador Sumatra wrapper over a San Andrés binder with Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers.  All of this makes for a nice, medium bodied cigar that smoked for almost 2 hours. I really love the 777 Maduro line, and have enjoyed a bunch of other cigars made by Jesus Feugo, this one is probably in the middle for me.  It was good, well behaved, and enjoyable, but not entirely up my alley. Looking at this post so far, I really need to adjust my attitude, the Autumn thing is really getting to me!  This was a very nice cigar though and I enjoyed smoking it on a beautiful late summer afternoon on the deck.


Villiger_Selecto_CGAfter dinner I grabbed a Villiger Selecto Corona Gorda. This cigar comes in only Corona Gorda and Lancero, and I would have taken the Lancero for a walk if it wasn’t going to rain. This is a line extension to the Talanga line, as it has the beautiful Talanga Connecticut wrapper, similar binder and fillers.  It’s a refined cigar. It is buttery smooth with loads of nice, mild flavors that dance across the palate.  After smoking the 5″ x 46 Corona Gorda, I can’t wait to try that Lancero.  It’s not a super mild, grassy Connecticut, it’s got a lot more.  Perhaps the Nicaragua Ometepe filler leaf makes the difference. All I can say is it’s damned good, and I’d say that even if I didn’t like the Villiger company as much as I do.  They are a good bet whether you need a quick machine made cigar or a fine premium.  Another job well done with the Selecto!


Also, From the folks at NewestCigars.com:

NewestCigars.com is finally official and we’re pretty excited about our new website. Please see the attached press release. We’re having a website launch party with Asylum, CLE, Edgar Hoill and Wynwood in Detroit, and we’re also giving away a 5 pack of new cigars each week for a year in The Great Cigar Giveaway, visit our website to enter.

That’s enough of my nonsense for a beautiful Sunday. I have to go to the airport later today to pick up the son who I had to reschedule flights for yesterday! I may get a walk in before having to leave!


Until the next time,






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