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IPCPR 1017 – Cornelius and Anthony Cigars

C&ABoothOf course, one of the primary destinations for me at this IPCPR was the Cornelius and Anthony booth, where I was welcomed by Steven Bailey, Courtney Smith and Todd Vance.  The first video I shot with Steven I was to find out, much to my dismay, had no audio, a problem that would rear it’s ugly head again (the great video I did with Matt Booth was sans audio, which didn’t come to light until I was home, nobody commented that it was silent, and a video interview with anyone with no audio sucks, especially with someone as CorneliusandAnthony_Cornelius_Lonsdaleentertaining as Mr. Booth). Steven was gracious enough to grant me a do-over, which is presented below.  Naturally, as my luck would have it, YouTube Live wasn’t cooperating that day either, but I usually have options.  As is apparent to the casual CigarCraig reader, I’m a big fan of the Cornelius and Anthony line, and was anxious to sample the newest offerings. Debuting at the show were two new lines and a new size in the Cornelius line, which is made at Al Titan de Bronze in Miami. This new size is a Lonsdale, a 6½” x 42 cigar with the same Ecuador wrapper and binder and Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. I couldn’t help but smoke one this week.  I’ll make no bones about the fact that the Toro is my favorite in the Cornelius line, but I think the Lonsdale, due to it’s narrow ring gauge, has a little more bite, and might be perceived as stronger than the smooth and creamy Toro. It still smokes very well, like a high-end cigar should, and has the same rich, complex flavors that the larger rings have. Smaller ring cigars burn hotter and seem stronger because the flavors are sharper, so I smoked this slowly like I would a lancero. I very much enjoyed this cigar.


CorneliusandAnthony_Aerial_RobustoThe new offerings are the Aerial and Señor Esugars, adding a Ecuador Connecticut and Mexican San Andres to the line. The Aerial is an Ecuador Connecticut wrapped cigar with a USA binder and Nicaraguan fillers. Not a mild cigar at all, solidly medium to my palate, but an absolutely beautiful cigar. I smoked the Robusto, and it comes in Gordo, Toro and Corona Gorda, which are consistent sizes across the brand. I like the fact that they stick to the four classic sizes. The USA binder intrigues me as I know that the Bailey family has been growing tobacco for 150 years, one can’t help but wonder if this is something grown on their farms in Virginia or a PA or Connecticut leaf. Whatever it is, it works, as the smooth, velvety smoke has a sweetness and a hint of spice that is very pleasurable. The Aerial is a great addition to the Cornelius and Anthony line.


CorneliusandAnthony_SenorEsugars_RobustoThe Señor Esugars has the dark Mexican wrapper, with the USA binder (same as the Aerial?) and Nicaraguan fillers. This, along with the Aerial (Daddy Mac, Venganza and Meridian) is made in the La Zona factory in Esteli. The box has a great likeness of Steven Bailey’s dog Oscar, who Steven calls Mr. Sugars, sporting a derby, very cool imagery, another consistent theme. I just want to scratch that dog’s big, fluffy ears! Besides the cigars being great, the color and design of the bands and boxes appeal to me. Sorry, I don’t care how great a cigar is, if it has a crappy looking band it’s going to color my perception. Back to the Señor Esugars. Trade show samples and the fact that I’ve only let them rest for a couple weeks besides the point, this is destined to be a fantastic cigar. I would have like it to be a little drier, my fault, but it had some strength, and some rich, sweet flavors that are on the dark side that I enjoy. I want to smoke this with a Cuban coffee, I just rarely get the chance to make it. It’s another great addition to the line. I really have a hard time picking a favorite of the La Zona blends, Mr. Bailey and co. are really making some great cigars, they have the right people on board to present them and sell them. Super stuff, I’m glad they are on the shelves of some of the stores in my area, and I recommend them highly.






Until the next time,




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Cornelius & Anthony Cornelius Toro Cigar

A few weeks ago I heard from Courtney Smith, the Director of Brand Development at Cornelius & Anthony Premium Cigars . I’ve known Courtney for many years from her tenure with another cigar brand, and have heard good things about the Cornelius & Anthony Brand.  Cornelius & Anthony Premium Cigars is the cigar division of the Bailey family’s 150 year old tobacco company S&M Brands.   S&M Brands is best known for its Bailey, Tahoe and Riverside cigarettes and its portfolio of other machine-made tobacco products, which includes little cigars. The family has been growing and brokering its tobacco for five generations.


CorneliusandAnthony_Cornelius_ToroThe cigars I received are the Cornelius & Anthony Cornelius Toro.  The Cornelius is made at the El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami’s Little Havana. The blend is an Ecuador Habano wrapper, Ecuador binder, and Nicaraguan fillers and the toro is a traditional 6″ x 50. These are also available in a robusto and corona gorda.  I smoked the first sample Monday evening, and it was a spectacular cigar.  I would have smoked the second sample on Tuesday, but I seem to have contracted a bit of a cold, so I wanted to wait until I could properly enjoy another one of these, I was that impressed. The construction was perfect, I always appreciate a cigar that burns straight with a flat ember, it tells me that great care was taken to select tobacco that all burns at the same rate, no easy feat. It was a smooth, flavorful smoke, creamy, with some sweetness and spice along with some wood and nuts.  I was quite happy smoking this cigar, it’s easily approachable by a novice, and satisfying enough for a seasoned smoker. I can’t wait to kick this cold so I can smoke the other one I have. The $15 price tag may be off-putting to some, but it’s well worth it for a special occasion.  I really like the presentation too, the bands are visually appealing and the cigar is beautiful.


Many thanks to Courtney for sharing these great cigars with me.  Until the next time,





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