Tabaquero, Punch and Montecristo Cigars and a Contest

tabaqueroThursday evening I ended up smoking a Tabaquero by Hamlet Paredes from Rocky Patel in the robusto format after hearing an interview with him on the Smooth Draws Radio show (I think they ripped off me website design, at least in concept!). What a fascinating story this guy has, and a very interesting cigar! For a guy who was used to blending cigars with Cuban tobacco, that is to say not a great deal of variety, he made a very interesting blend of Nicaraguan fillers, Mexican and Brazilian binders with a Mexican wrapper. If this had some Peruvian tobacco in the blend it might just be the perfect cigar for me! This isn’t the first one of these I’ve smoked, although it is the first robusto, and it’s a cigar that I should put more of in my humidors. I love the  strong, straightforward flavors of sweet earth, cocoa and coffee, which is very rich and palate coating. This is probably my favorite Rocky Patel cigar, with the Super Ligero coming in second, although there aren’t a great many RP cigars that do a lot for me.  Great cigar for me, and I’ll continue trying other sizes. I may look at the new Sungrown next time I see it in a shop, I’ve heard good things.


I would have been talking about another cigar here, one that a co-worker gifted me a few weeks ago, but something weird and stupid happened about a third of the way into the cigar while I was taking my evening walk. For some reason I stumbled and did a face plant on the street, smashing the cigar, scraping my chin and nose, among other scrapes and bruises. Macha was there to lick my face and see if I was OK, which I really didn’t know if I was or not yet. This whole thing surprised me because I’ve been walking for a long time, and thought I had it down pretty good. So I came home, cleaned myself up, and grabbed a Punch London Club Maduro to try to wrap my head around this turn of events, it freaked me out!  Ironically, it was on this exact date in 2012 I wrote about the London Club, it what I like to think was a pretty good article comparing the Punch and Hoyo de Monterrey lines. Give it a read and let me know what you think. I still have a few of both the Hoyo Sabrosos and Punch London Clubs, they are great little 5″ x 40 cigars, is it a thin corona or a fat panatela?  The Punch has maintained it’s richness and full flavor over the five years they’ve been in my humidors. The Broadleaf wrapper is oily and flavorful and the burn was perfect. This was a great choice to ponder the evening’s events.


MontecristoYesterday was a beautiful day for mid-February, temperatures in the 60s, which is a good 50 degrees over what it could be. Still feeling out of sorts, I napped a bit, and hung out in the yard with Macha and a Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut No. 2 torpedo. This is a 6″x 50 torpedo with the taper such that it feels like a smaller cigar than that. This cigar is made in the Dominican Republichas a vintage 2008 Connecticut Shade (Grown in U.S.A.), Nicaraguan binder and fillers from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Peru. I do like cigars with Peruvian tobacco, and I like this cigar, although I think I like the Double Corona (really a Toro, but OK) a bit better. It’s a milder cigar, with that grassyness you’ll get from the US Connecticut Shade wrapper, and a nice little spice. Certainly a quality cigar, and a good mid-afternoon choice.



ContestIt’s been a while, so let’s give some goodies away!  Since I had Punch on my mind, I have a Punch Bobblehead, along with a Macanudo branded rubberized Colibri cutter and a pair of La Gloria Cubana Branded scissors. It’s always possible some cigars might fall into the box when I pack it up too, I get sloppy that way sometimes. Leave a comment here to enter, I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday! Usual rules apply, one entry per person and only comments here on this post will qualify.  Must be of legal smoking age to win.  Thanks to Victoria at General Cigar Co. for the giveaway goodies!


That’s all for now, until the next time,





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23 Responses to Tabaquero, Punch and Montecristo Cigars and a Contest

  1. Alfred Yard

    Of these cigars I’ve had the monte and the punch. Both are very enjoyable.. sorry to hear of your face plant.. but I’m glad Macha was there to comfort you. I love reading your stuff.. keep up the good work.. – AL

  2. Brian Impson

    Sorry to hear about your mishap. Sounds like maybe Mr. Punch was playing tricks again. Thank you to Ms. V. for the goodies. Ward B had better turn out for this one.

  3. John Budka

    I have enjoyed the Hamlet by RP, but yet to have tried the others. Be well, do well, and thanks for doing the contest.

  4. Ddhbkh1023@

    The London Club maduro is one of my go to winter smokes. Sorry to hear about your fall, hope your next walk goes better.

  5. Steve C

    Thanks for all your great reviews and contests.

  6. Love that Montecristo White Vintage Double Corona.

  7. Ouch!! yeah… walking can be tricky! Hope you heal quickly Craig!!

  8. Kyle Brewer

    Enjoyed the blog !

  9. Daniel Bartelt

    I met Hamlet at a cigar shop in Bel Air, Maryland last year. He was demonstrating rolling techniques and was rolling a three foot long culebras (sometimes know as a panatelas). He was amazing to watch and absolutely hilarious. He was also telling some great stories of when he first started out. His RP blend is pretty impressive. I still have a few in the humi from the event. Anyways, thank you for the contest and great ongoing cigar reviews.

  10. mike mccain

    Mr. Punch in his dapper football attire, may have been the cause of your mishap, a possible sack in the stats for Mr. Punch?
    Heal quickly, my friend.

  11. Yep, Punch and Hoyo are old school classics.

  12. smoke770

    great contest, Thanks!

  13. Freakboy791

    Craig, I also took advantage of the weather this weekend and got in a few cigars.

  14. That’s a nice gift pack of accessories, thanks for the contest, Craig!

  15. jjo

    Tell me you weren’t also chewing gum on your walk. J/K: I’m glad you’re OK. Aging does some weird thing to us old farts. Been meaning to grab the Hamlet. Like you, the RP cigars haven’t done a whole lot for me to this point.

  16. Dan Colley

    Somehow, I KNEW that Victoria had not forgotten us. Her comments on the General Cigar Forum are few and far between, but I suspect that her new job has her much too busy to deal with us blue collars down here.!!!

    I could use another Punch bobblehead to stand across the line of scrimmage with the one beside my monkey lamp and anemometer gauge..Mine looks lonely.

  17. Patrick

    Nice doll, thanks Craig
    Life is good.

  18. Donald Santos

    Haven’t had the pleasure of trying out the Hamlet or that particular punch but enjoyed the Monte thanks for the contest

  19. Ouch!
    Timely post, Craig. I’m looking for budget picks and, as you know, I’m like Rumpole and like small cigars. The Punch sounds like a good fit. Also, you’ve done all the work for me with RP; that’s a line I can’t smoke but the Hamlet sounds promising.

  20. Carl Lindstrom

    Thanks Craig and Victoria for the give-a-way. Craig, walk carefully !

  21. paul1954

    Very generous, Craig and Victoria. Thanks!

  22. DB

    Great reviews again!