Sunday Guest Post: Find The Best Cigars

Since I will be travelling today, Conrad over at has agreed to provide today’s post.


A new way to search: FindTheBest, a new search and comparison engine that has been featured on the New York Times and TechCrunch, has developed a comparison utility for Cigars. The tool offers users access to a vast database of different brands and labels and allows them to search, filter, and compare by country of origin, body/strength, name, price, shape, manufacturer, shape, construction, and other factors.



FindTheBest’s Smart Rating for its cigars comparison is determined by the weighted average score of 4 sources: Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Inspector,, and If a cigar has a score of zero, then it has not been rated by any of these sources.


The website realizes that something as subjective as individual experiences with different cigars cannot be presented entirely objectively, which is why in addition to the smart rating, it also welcomes user reviews. FindTheBest welcomes and encourages all registered users to submit a review and rating. Users can also submit their own listings if they find that the comparison does not currently include a particular cigar.



The website also allows its users to compare different brands side by side, matching each relevant data point, such as individual description of taste, approximate price per cigar, size, and origin. Make sure to also look for a discount on cigar shipping or other cigar deals if you plan to purchase any products online.


– Thanks to Conrad for taking the time to educate us on the tools available at! I will make every attempt to post some trip content, be it pictures or videos or something over the next few days.  Stay tuned!


Until the next time,





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2 Responses to Sunday Guest Post: Find The Best Cigars

  1. jimbobber

    I just used the FindTheBest site to lookup & compare smartphones. Cool website that’s easy to use & gave me a lot of useful info. Next I think I’ll check out cigar-related stuff on it. Thanks for the great tip!

  2. George Satterfield


    I’ll bet that was a great trip. Hoping to go Someday and hoping to talk the Wifey into going also. It looks like a beautiful way to spend four days.

    I think you smoked right around 36 cigars on the safari.

    Thanx for the great articles about your trip.. George