Sunday Cigar Ramblings: La Aurora 107, Vegas de Santiago Lancero

Finally a bright, sun-shiny Sunday afternoon, which would be perfect without the gusty wind.  Wind or not, here I sit on my deck, in the sun, smoking a Vegas de Santiago Don Luis Secreto del Maestro maduro lancero.  This is a beautifully made cigar, with a little bit of a pigtail cap.  It measures7.5 x 38 and is referred to on their site as a Laguito No.1.  Actually, this size isn’t listed on the website, but is available by request.  I had been contacted some time ago by Lani and Rudi at Vegas de Santiago asking what I liked in a cigar, and I did a little daydreaming and mentioned that I would be interested in what the Sectretos del Maestro blend would be like in a lancero, and while I was dreaming, what would it be like with a maduro wrapper.  A few weeks later a package of 5 of these show up in my mailbox!  Anyway, I had smoked one over the winter, and I decided I needed to smoke one again, and I had the time for a 7½” cigar.  The ash is a little brittle, but the burn is fantastically even and the draw is perfect.  The flavors are very nice, it’s medium bodied and quite pleasant.  It’s not a dark, chocolaty/espresso maduro, which is what I look for in a maduro, but still a very nice cigar.  Vegas de Santiago is a kind of unsung Costa Rican brand that has been around for a long time and makes really nice cigars at a very good price point.

Friday evening after coming home from work, then running to the cycle shop to pick up the scooter after getting inspected and the belt changed, I decided to take a La Aurora 107 Corona for a walk.  My son, Corey, who went with me to Cigar Safari, decided to come along and smoke one of the cigars that we blended (on paper, from the emergency hospital!).  At that point on the trip he wasn’t feeling well and made up an Equador Connecticut Shade wrapped, mostly seco, blend that he said tasted a little ashy.  His blend was bound to be super mild, I hope that they round out a little for him with age. The 107 was one that I picked up on a visit to De La Concha in Manhattan last year.  It’s the only size I’ve smoked in the line, and it was a very nice cigar.  Burn and draw were perfect and while the flavors aren’t exactly my style, it was still a very satisfying smoke.

I want to thank Tommy Berry for sending me some cigars this week!  I told him that sending cigars was MY job, but he didn’t listen and sent a nice package anyway.  I’m glad to have a Diesel in my humidor again, and Rocky Patel‘s are always quite welcome!  There are another two that I’m not familiar with and have been too lazy to research.  Hopefully Tommy will fill me in on those two.  Thanks buddy!  I hope your house buying is moving forward and I look forward to you next “Take a Cigar for a Walk” submission!

That’s all I got for now, until the next time,







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3 Responses to Sunday Cigar Ramblings: La Aurora 107, Vegas de Santiago Lancero

  1. Steve C

    Have tried some of Rudy and Lani’s cigars from Vegas de Santiago, Found them very tasty and very well constructed, plan on ordering another sampler or two!

  2. Steve C

    Should have added that I appreciate your blog and Cigar Walks reviews!

  3. jimbobber

    I really enjoyed the Churchill from the Don Luis Secretos del Maestro line, and I am very excited at the thought of a Lancero. The wholesale pricing of these cigars makes them a very affordable option. It’s time for me to order some more!

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