Sunday Cigar – Liga Privada “Dirty Rat” – Feb 21, 2010

It’s been a while since the weather was decent here, it was sunny and in the 40s today.  I was gifted a Liga Privada “Dirty Rat” by Steve Saka in Reno back in November and was hanging on to it until circumstances were appropriate for the proper enjoyment of this limited edition cigar.  My wife and  I received a package which included some more of these so I figured today was the day to fire one up.  The story on these, as I remember Steve telling it, is that they were playing with the Liga Privada blend in a corona size.  Because of the blend, the only way to get anywhere close was to include partial leaves, hand cut, of certain tobaccos.  This made the possibility of this particular cigar going into production relatively remote due to the considerable labor involved in making these.  It’s a shame, because the “Dirty Rat” is an awesome cigar.  The wrapper is a beautiful and oily, Connecticut broadleaf with a filler blend of five tobaccos packed into the 5″ x 44 pigtailed corona.  Here’s were I come up short in cigar reviewing, describing the flavor.  Whatever the flavors are I like them. They are heavy and satisfying, with some spice that progresses to just a delicious and savory tobacco flavor.  I love the Liga Privada No.9 and the T52, but this little flavor bomb is a special treat.  Thanks to Steve for giving me the rare opportunity to sample this cigar from your private stash.

In my inbox this week I received the following from Cigar Rights of America:

Cigar Rights Club, Pennsylvania Challenge Club Membership Goal: 500!

Cigar Rights of America is growing, and working to become the voice of cigar enthusiasts across this country in the local, state and federal battles that threaten one of life’s great pleasures, and a moment so fundamental to the “pursuit of happiness” – a cigar among friends.

There is a great adage in politics – there is power in numbers. Now, more than ever, we need cigar voters to stand up and be counted. We have issues to confront, votes to monitor, minds to change, and people to thank…all at once. That’s why we need your friends that also have the passion for a great cigar to join the cause.

Pennsylvania is pivotal to the growth of CRA. So we are issuing a special challenge. We want Pennsylvania to have 500 members of CRA going into the next election season. After we reach that benchmark, we’ll issue another…and another, until we know that we have the voting block of cigar enthusiasts necessary to protect your ability to enjoy great cigars, with as little government regulation and taxation as possible. It’s all about that, “pursuit of happiness.”

I’m surprised that there aren’t 500 members in PA, but if you aren’t a member please consider joining, even if you aren’t in Pennsylvania.  It’s a worthwhile organization and it’s only $35 per year.  They do a lot to preserve our right to enjoy fine cigars.

That’s all I got for now, until the next time,




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2 Responses to Sunday Cigar – Liga Privada “Dirty Rat” – Feb 21, 2010

  1. Jim Benton

    The Dirty Rat is just as you describe it. A tasty little firecracker. What I liked about the blend was the sweetness of whatever Drew Estates uses in their Dirt, and Root blends. It always reminds me of chocolate and coffee, but with a peppery edge. Some might not like it, but I think is it just yummy.

  2. dj

    I loved my dirty rat, although–noob that I am–it made me a lil bit sick…