Sunday Cigar: CAO Black Bengal and a Contest! – Sunday April 4, 2010

It’s been a strange couple of days.  Friday morning the transmission on my 2002 Connecticut Shade PT Cruiser went out while my wife was driving it, so Saturday we went out and bought a brand new Toyota Yaris.  The PT has been a good car, but after it was involved in it’s second accident and probably got wet, once the weather warmed up it developed a mildew odor that we couldn’t get rid of, I even tried multiple cigars and the smell wouldn’t go away!  It stank!  The Yaris gets much better gas mileage than the PT, and using less gas is something that’s important to me.  I only use the car when the weather is bad as I prefer to ride my Yamaha Majesty to go to work or if I have to go someplace by myself.  The PT is being donated to the Purple Heart Car Donation Program, which benefits wounded and disabled veterans.

After we got home from a great Flyers game today, I lit up a CAO Black Bengal (6″ x 50) and took a short walk and finished up on my front porch listening to the latest  Stogiefresh podcast.  The cigar was pretty nice, however there were a couple of wrapper defects at the head that, while not effecting the performance of the cigar, the splitting wrapper detracted slightly from the experience.  It was a smooth cigar, with what I would call a woody flavor.  Certainly a decent cigar that burned well and tasted nice, despite the wrapper flaws.

Contest time!

I’ll return to having the cats choose the next winner, but this time we’ll place the cards with the names face down because I think some of the cats can actually read.  I want to make every effort to have the selection of the winner as fair and impartial as possible.  The winner will be selected from those who leave a comment on this blog post.  This months prize is a really cool Drew Estate Hat and a Liga Privada cutter, courtesy of my friends at Drew Estate.  So leave some comments and win some stuff!

**Late note:  it occurred to me that I forgot to set an end date for for this month’s contest.  The cut off is midnight on Saturday, April 17.  I’ll put the cats to work the following day and post the winner in my Sunday post.**

That’s all for now, until the next cigar,




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14 Responses to Sunday Cigar: CAO Black Bengal and a Contest! – Sunday April 4, 2010

  1. Acey

    Damn! I was sure I had bribed that cat with enough catnip and tuna to finally sit on my name!

  2. Greg Zeller

    Hey Craig,
    Congrats on the new car! I played golf on Friday and enjoyed two fine smokes (Oliva V and RP). Beautiful day, decent score, and two good smokes. Life was good!

  3. dj

    “They call me: Cat Whisperer.”

  4. Kyle

    I’m jealous you went to the Flyers game, it was one heck of a game. Congrats on the new car, I’m sure the gas mileage is great. WTG on donating the old car.

  5. That cutter and cap would go great with my sampler!
    However I did just win so Good Luck Guys!

  6. wallaper

    Nice site Criag. I can always use another cutter to lose! Thanks for the good work.

  7. I’m lacking Drew Estate spiff, so here’s hoping.

  8. CAO Black is an often overlooked cigar. I always forget about it, but it’s a nice smoke.

  9. Looks like some neat swag there.

    Here kitty kitty kitty…

  10. Kevin Veling

    I used tuna for my aftershave ..
    One of the CAO’s I actually enjoy . I’m not a huge CAO fan . The Black’s and the Gold’s are constantly good .

  11. dj

    As a non-entry aside: I indeed consumed a can of Salmon for lunch. Mmmmm… kitties.

  12. Jim

    Congrats on the car. Meow

  13. USAFCigar

    Fingers crossed, toes crossed….Now if I can only get this dang icelandic volcano to quit!