Square Press Week: A Oja Anniversary and a G.A.R. White Label

I seem to be on a square press kick this week.  Don’t know why that is really, I like square cigars, but I don’t really go out of my way to select them.  They are perfect for my bi-weekly walks to the convenience store, where I usually rest my cigar on the Redbox machine while I go in.  I hate it when a cigar rolls off and I find it on the ground when I come out.  I had that happen with a Liga Privada last week and I thought someone stole it, but I found it under the machine!  Phew!  I was scared there for a bit!


Monday evening I had a call from Luis of Oja Cigars and felt inspired to smoke the Oja Anniversary Robusto that he gifted me  when I saw him last in Vegas.  This is a pretty square pressed robusto with a dark Brazilian Samba wrapper.  It’s full of dark and decadent flavors and was perfectly constructed.  This cigar was made to celebrate the first anniversary of the brand.  The whole line has been a highlight for me this year, all three wrappers in the regular line are very good, and a toro, torpedo and 6″ x 60 gordo are good sizes, although I have to say this robusto fits my cooler weather smoking needs the best.


Tonight I grabbed a G.A.R. White Label Corona Gorda for my walk.  This cigar was sent to my by one of my loyal readers, Lloyd, who seems to be very lucky when it comes to winning cigars!  As a matter of fact, he won a box of Oja cigars right here a few months back.  Here we had a 6″ x 46 cigar with am Ecuador Corojo wrapper, Ecuador Connecticut binder and Nicaraguan Filler.  I’ve only had the pleasure of smoking a few cigars from the Gran Habano lines, and they’ve been pretty good so far. This one was perhaps a little light for a chilly evening, but it performed admirably and provided a satisfying smoke.  Thanks, Lloyd, for the opportunity to sample this cigar!  Best of luck to you in future contests!


Don’t forget to send an e-mail to mailinglist@pipesandcigars.com to get on their mailing list and get a free PipesandCigars.com calendar with special monthly deals.  Also, use the “Write to Congress” widget in my sidebar (between the IPCPR and CRA graphics) and e-mail your elected officials asking them to support the bills to keep the FDA out of our humidors!


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3 Responses to Square Press Week: A Oja Anniversary and a G.A.R. White Label

  1. Agent 86

    I did the legislators thing. My replies were less than stellar. Max “Tax” Baucus (Communist, MT) sent me a letter taking both sides of the argument and declaring his support for both. John Tester (Dumb, MT) replied to me and stated how much he loves small businesses but has to think about “protecting the children”. Dennis Rehberg (alleged Republican, MT) sent me a form letter about MT small businesses that had absolutely no connection to the situation I asked him to address.

    Gotta love these morons. WTH do people keep electing them?

    • I’ve been pestering my elected officials and, fortunately, one of my state’s senators is a co-sponsor of the Senate bill. Still working on my Rep, I get a similar form letter from him when. Wishy-washy, “I’ll keep your views in mind when I vote” nonsense. All we can do is keep trying and overwhelm them with numbers. I don’t want to have to buy boxes plastered with diseased lungs out of a book across the counter from my tobacconist, and I don’t want to see all of the cigar producing countries coming to us for aid when all those people are out of work!

  2. Tad Smith

    Another fine post Craig. I would like to say that I have no problem with photos of diseased lungs placed on the boxes… as long as they put photos on the hoods of every car sold of people in accidents that dont use their seat belts or photos of deseased livers on every can of beer or liquor bottle. How about on every package of hamburger, a photo of a slaughtered cow, oh, or a photo of a severed hand on all lawnmowers, oh, howablout photos of unemployed adults living in their mothers basement on every video game box!

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