Some Stronger Cigars: Joya de Nicaragua, Cain, Ortega, a Cusano and a Contest!

I found myself smoking more powerhouse cigars lately for some reason.  Maybe it was the need for a satisfying smoking experience, or just the luck of the draw, I don’t know.  I do know that Wednesday evening I wanted a sure thing, no gambling on a new cigar, something tried and true.  I had actually wanted to drive up to Easton to see Jonathan Drew at the Drew Estate event at Leaf cigar bar, but after a long day at work spending three and a half more hours in the car didn’t appeal to me.  I’ll see JD at the IPCPR show. So I went for a Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo El Martillo that I had picked up a few months ago when I visited a little shop in Kutztown, PA.  The El Martillo is a 5 ½” x 54 over sized robusto and has a beautiful dark wrapper.  This is a strong cigar.  I remember smoking one of these in Nicaragua while touring the Joya de Nicaragua factory and having to put it down before the strength of the cigar and the heat and humidity in the factory got the better of me.  This one was similar, I really needed some sugar when I was done to offset the nicotine effects.  A tremendous cigar, maybe less suitable for sultry weather than some other cigars though!


Thursday was the exception to the rule, I had a Cusano 18 Double Connecticut that a business associate had sent me because he came across it and wanted me to try it, unaware that I have smoked these in the past.  Of course, I appreciate the sentiment and I do give him a cigar when he visits from the west coast.  These are a nice, mellow, flavorful Connecticut wrapped cigar.  They were exceptional when Cusano was privately owned, and are no less exceptional under the wing of Davidoff.  Pretty, well made and tasty.  Gave me an hour and a half or so of pleasure.


Friday I took the day off to visit Monmouth Park in New Jersey with my wife’s family.  My Father-in-Law likes to go there, so we celebrate his birthday at the park every year.  I took a pocket full of cigars, and spent a few races outside enjoying the heck out of a Cain F Tubed Lancero.  I love the Cain line of cigars, I just usually find them too powerful.  The beauty of the Lancero is the format forces one to smoke slowly, which keeps the strength from really being a liability.  I love the elegance of the Lancero, and this one was perfectly built, loaded with spicy, deliciousness.  Like a fine steak, when you take the last bite you’re sad that it’s gone, this cigar made me forget that every darned horse I bet on, whether he led the whole race or not, came in in the bottom three.  I strayed from my usual system at the track, yeah….that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Upon arrival home, I took the dog and an Ortega Series D No. 6 for a walk to the local convenience store to pick up a lottery ticket.  I’m starting to sound like a real gambler, no wonder I get offers from poker sites for paid links.  I’m really a light weight, 2 dollar bets at the track and a dollar twice a week in the Mega Millions isn’t really too bad. I’ve seen people drop thousands on the tables in Vegas.  Back to the cigar.  Did I mention that the temps were pushing 100° F yesterday?  Hot stuff!  The No. 6 is a perfect sized cigar, 4½” x 48 and had a beautiful and oily San Andreas Maduro wrapper.  Lately, when I know I want a great smoke, I choose one with this wrapper.  It just suits me, what can I say.  The Series D has a really smooth, refined flavor.  No rough edges at all, you could pop these in your mouth all day long like Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses, so it’s not really strong, but very rich and satisfying. Gotta get me some more of these!  Well done Eddie!




General Cigar Co. has been having a contest on their site where they are giving away a box of their Reposado en Cedros cigars every day so head over there and try to win a box!  These are really tasty smokes!  From the press release:

After being handcrafted by a handpicked team of artisans, each Reposado en Cedros cigar undergoes Inmersión, an innovative method of aging created at HATSA, General Cigar’s Honduran cigar factory. With this technique, each cigar is enveloped in fragrant cedar and left to rest for an extended period of time. The cigar matures to a complex, medium-bodied smoke that has won the brand stellar ratings and praise from the premium cigar category’s most discerning experts. 

In honor of that, I will give away two (2) Hoyo de Monterrey Reposado en Cedros 3-packs courtesy of General CigarCo.  to a lucky reader for the next four weeks!  Please leave a comment to enter. Usual rules apply, and I’ll stress that if you enter, and are chosen as the winner, please contact me with your mailing address so I can send your winnings!  A new contest will start each Sunday and the winner will be announced the following Wednesday. If you’ve tried these, you know how good they are, and if you haven’t, here’s a great opportunity to try them!


That’s it for now, until the next time,




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  1. Duane Holmes

    Good job Craig, the JDN Dark Corojo is my ‘go-to’ smoke right now. I’ve got to get it in gear and try a Series D’s, I’ve only heard good things about them.

  2. Andre Thegiant

    Went to Hoyo’s website and entered, thanks for the heads up.

  3. Steve C

    These Hoyo’s are an excellent cigar. Anyone that hasn’t tried them needs too! Thanks for the contest, Craig!

  4. Dawn C

    Thanks for the contest! My husband loves these cigars!

  5. smoke770

    thanks for the contest!

  6. foozer69

    ill have to agree the jdn is a nice cigar, and reasonably priced. thanks for another contest!

  7. Freakboy791

    Thanks for yet another chance to win cigars.

  8. Freakboy791

    I’ve haven’t seen these yet. Very interesting. Would love to try one.

  9. JScott

    Thanks in advance for the opportunity to try these. It’s always fun smoking cigars I haven’t had vicariously through Cigar Craig!

  10. Allen

    Sounds like some tasty cigars Craig and the great contest.

  11. jimbobber

    I haven’t seen the JdN Antaño in any local B&M’s yet, and it sounds like one I’d like to try; I might have to find a place online to order some.

  12. I’ve had one of the Hoyos and I like the JDN as well. Make great go-to cigars for sure. Thanks for the contest.

  13. Gerald

    Two cool contest!

  14. Bob Greene

    Us from Washington State can’t enter…ugh!!!!!!!

  15. Allen R.

    The JDN reminds me of when we met on Cigar Safari. Excellent cigars. Thanks for the contest.

  16. Agent 86

    Got lucky and had a box of Antanos from an auction a few months back. Pretty good, but still prefer the Cabinetta. Not sure what has happened to me, but I just don’t find the Cains to be that strong. Flavors seem muted, and the power just doesn’t leave me with that floaty feeling.

  17. NJ Navy Chief

    Great reviews as usual. I had a similar head spinning experience with a Fuente Anejo the other night. Like you, I live in what is the sweltering northeast. This one got me running for the sugar, don’t recall who gave me that remedy, but it works.

  18. CigarFriar

    As usual, I love the reviews and everything about your site. Thanks.

  19. Jerry

    I would love to try these smokes! Thanks Craig.

  20. Joel


    Thank you for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of cigars.

  21. Wil Sawers

    Thanks for the reviews and the heads up about General Cigar Co. give away.

  22. jjo

    I’ve enjoyed the JdN Dark Corojo, and need to get a hold of the Cain F lancero. I haven’t seen the Hoyo around here yet, but maybe I’ll get lucky. 😉 Thanks Craig!

  23. FF184

    Thx for the reviews and contest.

  24. Zigarboy

    Would love to try the Reposado en Cedros. Please enter me for the contest? Thank You!

  25. Tim Williamson

    Thanks Craig,
    I tend to favor the powerhouse too, my go-to
    Smoke lately has been the JDN Antano but I’ll try
    Anything !!
    Keep up the good work.

  26. TimS

    Entered the contest at Hoyo’s website – thanks for the tip.

  27. Swede214

    Reposado en Cedros, very good cigar, thanks again for your contest,enjoy reading your comments.

  28. Storm Boen

    As usual , excellent Blog brother!! Love the Ortega Series D as well. Only been lucky to smoke one so far, but it far succeeded my expectations of it. Thanks again for your wonderful writings, and great contests!!

  29. Cigarjockey

    Happy 4th Everyone!
    Thanks for the contest

  30. Hey Craig,

    This is Todd, the owner of that little shop in Kutztown where you got you JdN Antano from. I enjoy reading your articles, and was very pleased to have you stop in that time. Just so you know, we have remodeled a lot of the place and on the 28th of July we will be having an event with Drew Estate and Joya de Nicaragua for a Grand Re-Opening. It would be great if you could stop in and have a smoke, beer, and bourbon stout pulled pork with us!

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