Slow Cigar Week – Pollen Kills The Urge – Thursday April 8, 2010

My nice new black Toyota Yaris is dusted yellow from the pollen and my sinuses are a mess.  I managed to revisit a cigar on Monday that I really didn’t enjoy the first time around, but this time it wasn’t all that bad.  The cigar was a Rebel’s Choice corona that I had picked up at CigarCigars in Phoenixville, PA last October.  I can’t imagine that 6 months of age made any difference, I attribute the bad experience I had previously to a flue shot I had received.  This wasn’t a bad cigar, fairly mild, but well behaved and inoffensive. Not a bad $1.95 cigar, I retract my previous opinion that I wouldn’t recommend this at any price. Next time I get a flue shot I won’t waste five perfectly good cigars!

The current issue of Smoke Magazine arrived today and, while I haven’t had the chance to peruse it yet, I did notice an interview with Steve Saka of Drew Estate by noted cigar author Frank  Seltzer.  Like I said, haven’t read past the first page, but there’s a nice photo of Steve in the Gran Fabrica.  Cigar Safari is on my list of future vacation spots!

Don’t forget to enter the current contest!  The cats are looking forward to selecting the winner, and, if you have ever had a cat, you know how ridiculous a statement that is! Anyway, it’s a great Drew Estate hat and a really cool Liga Privada cutter, so get your name in the ring!

Until the next cigar, which will hopefully be soon,



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