Several Bugatti Cigars and Some FDA Stuff

Before I get into the cigars, please, if you haven’t already, go to the following links and sign the petitions.

I’m really quite surprised at the limited turnout so far.  If you can, talk it up in your local shops and lounges, I’ve long been of the mind that the majority of guys in cigar shops aren’t involved online and may not know about all this stuff.  Tobacconists should be educating their customers, but that may not always be the case.  Besides joining Cigar Rights of America and filling out their letters to your representatives, there are some other ways you can support the effort to save a bunch of our friends and favorite cigars from extinction. I mentioned Gaby Kafie’s Coffee project with a portion of the profits going to CRA. Also, Smoke Inn is offering some great T-shirts to support the cause, head over to  and pick up a shirt or two.


Bugatti_QuattroSan Andres Maduro_ToroA couple months back I posted about the Bugatti Ambassador Robusto and subsequently received some more samples of Bugatti cigars, the Bugatti Quattro San Andrés Maduro, the The Boss Classic and the Bugatti Signature.  I actually bucked tradition and started with the Signature, but circumstances prevented me from finishing the cigar. So let’s put things in the proper CigarCraig order and start with the Quattro San Andrés Maduro. The cigar I smoked was the Toro, 6″ x 52, but it also comes in a Churchill, Figurado and Robusto. It’s got a San Andrés maduro wrapper,  Dominican Olor binder and fillers from The Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. This one tasted like a San Andrés Maduro, it was sweet and earthy and full bodied. The burn was perfect as was the draw. It was a great cigar.


The BossClassic_RobustoLast night I selected The BOSS Classic Robusto.  This is a Brazilian wrapped cigar that tastes like a good Connecticut shade. It’s made by Henke Kelner in the Dominican Republic and has Peruvian, Nicaraguan, and Dominican fillers. These are also available in Churchill and Toro, this one was a 5″ x 54 rubusto. Again, the the construction was excellent, and the cigar smoked great. I enjoyed a relaxing hour and a half on my porch on a rainy evening. It was a very tasty and satisfying cigar.  This may be exclusive to Cigars International, as the “Cigars” link on the website goes with to CI’s product description. Regardless, it’s a tasty medium bodied cigar.


Bugatti_Signature_RobustoTonight I sat down with the Bugatti Signature robusto again, Sunday’s didn’t work out through no fault at all of the cigar’s., stuff happens. The Signature Robusto is 5″ x 52 and has an Ecuador wrapper, which I would assume is Habano.  The filler blend is Nicaraguan, Brazilian and Pensylvanian, with a Dominican binder. Again, the burn and draw were exemplary. This cigar was a pleasure to smoke, it’s on the fuller side of medium with nice, woody flavors and a bit of sweetness.  I liked this cigar quite a bit,  some sources cite the PDR factory as the manufacturer, and I like a lot of the cigars from PDR.  Often cigars “celebrity” names, whether it’s a sports personality or a sports car, are sub-par, but the Bugatti line seems to be legitimate, the cigars I’ve smoked have been on the high side of really good.  While the BOSS and Signature lines are on the pricey side, the  San Andrés is quite reasonable. thanks to Frank at Bugatti for sharing these treats with me.


That’s enough for tonight. Don’t forget your homework, sign those petitions and write or call your elected officials to let them know you think the FDA is overstepping their bounds and will put thousands of people out of work and negatively effect the economies of several of our neighboring countries. Until the next time,








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  1. Patrick

    I have written 2 letters, made some calls, and signed a few petitions. My state senator and my congressman are sponsors on the kill bill, so I just reaffirmed my position. The vape industry has already filed a lawsuit. I’m sure a few more will follow. Now all I can do is just burn a favorite, pay attention to where I may help. I think we will prevail, but I’m extremely saddened by the lack of signatures so far.
    Life is good.

  2. Dan Colley

    I truly wish that all of our efforts would serve to belay the draconian regulatory scheme for cigars, but I just don’t think that all of our petition writing will have any positive effect. It’s too bad that I’m such a pessimist, but I’ve seen too much of the current administration’s unconstitutional and nonsensical efforts proceed through the system unabated. I hope that something can be done to delay the complete implementation of the law until we at least have a chance to elect someone with a bit more common sense than what we have now. I can’t say that I’m surprised that this proceeded through the system unchecked. It seems that the current batch of lawmakers examines what the public will is, then do the opposite. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  3. Charlie H.

    Very sad but there are not enough cigar smokers that care 🙁

  4. TriMarkC

    I agree with you all – this administration doesn’t care about us or our Constitution. They only care about their ridiculous “Hope & change” agenda, no matter the cost. No common sense required.

  5. While I agree with you guys that legislators on the whole don’t seem to care about us, that’s no reason to give up. Remember, that is what they *want* us to do.

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