Señorial, Perdomo, Illusione at Goose’s and CAO Flathead Cigars

Senoreal_Maduro_Longsdale RefinadoIt’s almost half way through January already, we’ve had no snow, it’s going to be 60 today (but raining) and, once again, I did not win the Powerball! What are the odds I didn’t win the $900,000,000 jackpot? I think something like 292 million to one. it’s kind of a long shot, and the next couple days are going to be ridiculous at the places that sell lottery tickets as it’s over a billion dollars now since nobody won. I’m fortunate that I don’t have to rely on winning the lottery to smoke nice cigars right now and lat week was another good cigar week.  I started off with a Señorial Maduro in the Lognsdale Refinado size. This is a 6½” x 44 lonsdale size cigar, and I’ve found a discrepancy. The sticker on the cigar is spelled “Longsdale“, everywhere else it’s listed as “Lonsdale” (except for the Las Cumbres Tabaco website, which does not feature the six month or more old Maduro line at all…C’mon José! You’re supposed to be hip to this whole internet jive!). Call it whatever you want, it’s a great cigar. I picked up a few of these at an event with José at the Wooden Indian a couple of months ago and I’m happy I did. Loads of flavor from the San Andrés wrapper, perfect construction and a wonderful smoking experience.  Great cigar from a great guy. I see a Freyja in my future, it’s been a while since I smoked one of those.


PerdomoNoirA couple of evenings this week were pretty darned cold, not that I should be surprised, it is, January anyway, but I wanted something shorter, with lots of flavor (cold and subtlety don’t mix!) so I reached for a Perdomo Champagne Noir Robusto. I didn’t care for the regular Champagne AT ALL. I would be hard pressed to try another one based upon the experience I had with the first, but the Noir is another story. It’s a Nicaraguan puro, it’s got the cocoa/coffee flavors I like and is a very nice cigar.  I will eventually revisit the Connecticut wrapped 10th Anniversary Champagne, but I have an aversion to spending my cigar time with something I didn’t like the first time.  If I don’t know I don’t like a cigar it’s one thing.  Anyway, the Noir may be my second favorite Perdomo next to the 20th Maduro, but there are a lot of enjoyable cigars in the line. I actually wouldn’t mind taking the  Perdomo factory tour one of these days.


Illusione_HLYesterday I wanted to get some of those Powerball tickets everyone is talking about, and I know that the seller of the winning ticket gets a nice little bonus for selling the winner, so I headed over to Goose’s in Limerick, PA and bought my lottery tickets and a handful of cigars, and settled into the lounge with an Illusione HL to watch the Flyers game. I haven’t smoked a great many Illusione cigars, and I need to change this. I’ve met Dion a bunch of times, I think he knows who I am, yet, my experience with his line is sorely lacking. The HL is the 7½” x 40 lancero in the “Original Documents” series which has to be about 10 years old, right?  I didn’t really do my due diligence on this one, so I’m going to guess that this was the Habano wrapped version as it certainly wasn’t candela (on my wish list) and it didn’t strike me as San Andrés Maduro. As I was watching the hockey game in Goose’s lounge, a couple of flavors stood out to me, leather with some sweetness. I enjoyed the heck out of this perfectly constructed lancero, it was perfect for two periods of hockey, at which time I ran home to catch the end of the game.


CAO_Flathead_660CarbFor my Saturday evening walk I selected Cigar Aficionado’s number 3 pick on their top 25 list, the CAO Flathead 660 Carb. I’ve heard some sentiments expressed to the negative about this choice for CA, but I, who have been a fan of the line from the start, think it was a solid selection.  I was out of these, so I picked some up at Goose’s (I was actually surprised they were in stock). Obviously, the 660 Carb is 6″ x 60, but it’s severely box pressed, so it really doesn’t feel like a 60 ring cigar. I punched this one, as is nearly mandatory with the flat cap, and got a great burn and draw. I find punching is the easiest way with these (and the RoMaCraft Neanderthal), but I’m going to try some other methods in the future just to see how they work. I guess I just like the neatness of the punch in this case. A large bore punch is best, my Screwpop 2.0 punch is 9mm (the 1.0 was 7m, not that you asked). I love the Broadleaf wrapper on these, and I love the fact that the different sizes present a different smoking experience. The 660 is smooth, but loaded with the great espresso, dark chocolate and tobacco flavors I love. This marque is on my shortlist of box buys right now I just don’t know which size I like best!


I would like to ask that anyone who was a winner in the 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways who did NOT receive your winnings please let me know. No need to publicly heap praise upon me, although the sponsors wouldn’t mind, just want to make sure everyone is happy. That’s it for now, off to enclose the back porch for the winter to make it more comfortable for cold weather cigar smoking!


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12 Responses to Señorial, Perdomo, Illusione at Goose’s and CAO Flathead Cigars

  1. Oh man, that Illusione HL, I hope to see one some day. The Perdomo Champagne in the Corona Gorda vitola is a favorite and I like the SunGrown as well. I guess it’s time to revisit the Noir.

  2. Jared

    I enjoyed the Flat Head.GREAT CIGAR!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Craig

    Flathead is great. I’ve smoked a few of the Illusione lineup. Think you would like the Rothchild and Gigantes.

  4. Patrick

    Jose’s new Senorial Maduro is a great blend and the lonsdale represents the blend the best. I’ve only been able to burn one frjeyja and I was with too many people to really pay attention to it. I know Emma worked very hard on the blend and the design of the label and such. I will revisit it soon. I really have to try that flathead, it gets lots of praise
    Life is good

  5. Love the FLatheads, my current favorite is the Steel Horse. It’s an amazing smoke.

  6. Lloyd Ladrillono

    Big fan of the Perdomo 20th Maduro as well, though I’ve never tried the Noir. I’ve smoked a couple of the 10th Anniversary Champagne and thought they were pretty good, but that was a long time ago.

  7. Dan Colley

    I just yesterday read about the Freya offering and it sounds like another good cigar in the family line of smokes from Jose’ Blanco. He’s getting ahead of me. I’m still trying to locate a Senoral Maduro !!!

  8. John Hateley

    I really like the Flathead as well, I don’t know why people are upset about it being number three.

  9. Craig, I just smoked a Flathead 660 yesterday and described it as smoking a chocolate bar. It was neat to read your review today and see our perceptions align.

  10. I smoked one flat head and I should have really tried more sizes. I enjoyed the one i had but I have no idea what the size was. I have had the HC Lancero and it is Amazing

  11. Joe canez

    Senorita is a solid stogie, enjoy your week

  12. TriMarkC

    I used to be a huge fan of the Perdomo Champagne, but eventually found the Noir much better. Like you, I love the cocoa/coffee flavors my favorites.

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