Seafood and Columbus Day – A Merlion, a Trinidad and a Añoranza

Sunday evening my wife cooked an enormous piece of salmon and it was delicious.  I wanted a cigar to follow the fish, and I couldn’t think of anything better than the new Merlion from La Sirena and Miami Cigar and Company.  I’ve mentioned this cigar before (here) and it’s a solid cigar, made by La Aurora and featuring a Corojo wrapper around a three country blend.  I may have enjoyed this one more than the first, it was perfect after the meal and really hit the spot.  It’s a very tasty stick, well balanced and smooth.  Another winner from Arielle.


Monday was Columbus Day, the day set aside to celebrate Columbus’ discovery of cigars!  So I was digging around looking for a San Cristobal (de la Habana or otherwise) and came across a really old Trinidad corona.  Someone correct me if my memory is off here, but back in the late ’90s, the Trinidad brand was released in the US, and it was made by Fuente.  At some point the brand and production changed to being under the Altadis group of brands.  This corona was from the original release, with really yellow cello.  I had to cut the cello off, it was so brittle and sticky and beautiful.  This actually took me back many years, it still had loads of flavor, but not a lot of nicotine.  It was a really sweet, satisfying smoke which burned perfectly. This was the epitome of a well aged cigar.  I think there’s one more floating around the humidor, I wonder what another few years of age will do to it?


On Tuesday I was rummaging around for something to smoke and the Añoranza Robusto lept out at me and demanded to be smoked.  This dark beauty from Miami Cigar and Company was a sample from the IPCPR show, and I had been looking forward to smoking it.  I will have to get my hands on some more, as it was really right up my alley.  It was loaded with deep, rich cocoa and coffee flavors that I really enjoy.  The wrapper is listed as Habana Oscuro, and while it didn’t look as dark as many oscuro wrappers, it tasted it, if that makes sense.  I savored this cigar to a finger burning nub.  Here is a quick video from the IPCPR show with Jason Wood, or Miami Cigar and Co., talking about the new La Aurora Cien Años Maduro, which I don’t think I got a sample of, but I will track one down to smoke because it looked really tasty!



There you go, two really nice smokes from the folks at Miami Cigar and Company, and a well aged cigar that you’ll probably never see again!  Sorry about the later, but hunt down the Merlion and Añoranza and give them a try (as well as the new La Aurora offering!).  Now…I need to see what kind of trouble I can get into for Sunday’s installment!


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3 Responses to Seafood and Columbus Day – A Merlion, a Trinidad and a Añoranza

  1. DocNJ

    I’m pretty sure the Trinidad was from me. I grabbed a box of them from Holt’s back in 97 or 98. They were definitely made by Fuente. I kinda remember Fatty smoking one in front of Saka, and he was shocked to see him with it. I forget what the back story was exactly, but it was something about prototypes and not being for sale to the public. Drop Steve a note, he might remember the story. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying Miami’s new smokes!