Sam Leccia at Old Havana Cigar Co., a Nub, and a Camacho – Wednesday October 3, 2010

I’ll go a little out of order this time.  Tuesday evening my son Corey and I took a short drive down to Old Havana Cigar Company just south of West Chester PA.  They were hosting an event featuring Sam Leccia.  Sam greeted us when we arrived as he was taking a break, then we popped into the walk-in and selected some Nubs to smoke.  I grabbed a few of the Cameroon 358s as I hadn’t yet tried them, my Nub consumption had been limited to the Habano wrapper and I love a good Cameroon wrapper.  The store was packed, and I can only assume there were a bunch of folks in the lounge, but didn’t make it that far to see.  Corey went with a Nub Cain Maduro and enjoyed it quite a bit.  Here are a couple very raw videos I took with my phone of Sam wrapping a couple cigars, the second of which he gave to Corey.

Pictured here are the custom wrapped cigars that Sam gave Corey and I.  He told Corey that he’d have to smoke his, because the bunch he used was one of the original release of the Nubs.  I know that I couldn’t bring myself to smoke this one or the last one he gave me, which is similar to the one he made in the first video.  It’s amazing the detail he puts into these cigars, they are beautiful works of art.  Sam is a tremendous guy and if he makes an appearance in your neighborhood make a point to go see him.  Old Havana Cigar Co, is a nicely appointed shop located in a strip mall between West Chester, PA and Wilmington Delaware.   They have a broad range of cigars in a large walk-in humidor, as well as a spacious lounge in the back.  The access through the humidor is reminiscent of the set up at Holt’s in Philadelphia, but I think the lounge is larger.  The front of the store features Humidors, cases and other accessories.  Sam had his rolling table set up in the front of the store.

The Nub Cameroon 358 was a nice smoke that I enjoyed despite a sinus infection and a very smoky room.  The cigar burned very well and, like I told Sam and have always said about the Nub line, would be much better if it were a little longer.  Still I spent an hour or so with this cigar that the box said was good for 38 minutes (a very clever idea, putting the smoking time on the box).

Sunday was Halloween, which is always a traditional cigar night for me.  I grabbed a nice green Camacho Corojo Candela Monarca and sat on the porch with my wife, the gas heater, and all the trick-or-treaters.  We live in a development that is fairly large and it’s not unusual to get 150 or more kids visiting us.  The cigar was awesome, I really enjoy these every now and then for a change of pace.  This box has been pretty consistent in that this cigars all have had a very loose draw.  I’ve come to compensate for this by piercing the cap instead of cutting it, but I was distracted and lopped off the cap.  I was careful not to over draw and nursed the cigar for the duration of the trick-or-treating.

That’s about all I have this time around, I feel a contest coming along in the very near future so stay tuned.

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3 Responses to Sam Leccia at Old Havana Cigar Co., a Nub, and a Camacho – Wednesday October 3, 2010

  1. Lloyd L.

    I’ve only smoked the Habano from the Nub line and I really liked it. I also like Cameroon wrappers so I’d like to check it out on the Nub.

  2. TriMarkC

    The NUb Maduro is incredible – the best of the line, in my opinion! And if you’re into the Cain, then you’ve also got to try his NUb Cain!

    I’ve met Sam Leccia at several events, and I have to say he is one of the nicest guys in the industry! The fact that he goes out, event after event, and rolls cigars for his fans is incredible! I was lucky enough to get one of his personally-rolled cigars, and I saved that cigar for over a year until I smoked it – and literally nubbed it to burning my fingers!

    Sam will be missed at Oliva, I’m certain of it. But I am just as certain that his next move in the industry will be even more spectacular!

  3. DB

    Great to hear that you are able to share your passion about cigars with your son.

    I myself have only smoked the Nub Habano and still have about half of the box left (My golfing cigar, along with the Kuba Kuba of choice) Once I am done with that I will give the camaron NUBS a go.

    Sad but last time I tried to smoke a cigar while trick or treating was going on, not close to the kids mind you, I receive comment after comment on how inappropriate that was to be smoking in view of the children..not from my wife (lol) but from passers-by. Shame! I guess being on a military installation didn’t help either.


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