Psyko Seven Psunday and Insane Cigars

A few months ago my wife entered a contest on Best Cigar Prices Facebook page and managed to win a box of Psyko7Psyko Seven Tubos and a Psyko Seven Humidor. I’ve mentioned the humidor before, I’m impressed with this budget friendly box, it’s large, it holds humidity well, and it’s not unattractive. It came in very handy as a place for IPCPR samples so I can keep them segregated and not forget where they came from! By the way, since I know people at Best Cigar Prices, I checked and everything was above-board and my wife truly won this random drawing. I, personally refrain from entering contests, I prefer to have contests. We figured we’d have another herf at PsykoSeven_Toro_tubothe house to share some of the Psyko Seven Tubos, but I guess it wasn’t a great night to do it as we had one guest, my friend Mike, who is a local reader and I met because he won one of the days of last year’s 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways. To those who couldn’t make it, we missed you. Mike and I spent a couple of hours enjoying these fine cigars from Ventura Cigar Company, made at the Kelner Boutique factory in the Dominican Republic.  These are wrapped in a Dominican wrapper, and they boast a six country blend, including Peruvian and Pennsylvanian tobaccos, as well as Mexican, Honduran and Nicaraguan. I found this to be a nice, mild, complex cigar, with a nice burn. It was a very nice smoke. Mike had this to say: I enjoyed this cigar! The Psyko Seven Toro Tubo was the perfect cigar for a two-hour conversation with Craig. It was a well-made, even-burning mild stick that offered some nice, sweet flavors, while not getting in my face with too much power. While I did not pick up on any specific and easily identifiable flavors, I did like the overall taste and smoked it down to the nub. Would definitely smoke another one!”  It was a tasty cigar, made better by good company. Thanks to the folks at Best Cigar Prices for the contest, Mike for joining me, and my wife for winning and sharing the cigars and humidor with me!


I felt a theme week with the Psyko Sevens, so I had an Asylum Premium short torpedo that was in the humidor for a while and was very good. I actually couldn’t find this size listed anywhere, so maybe I’ve had it in the humidor for a couple years.  Monday I went with another Asylum, the Famous Smoke Shop Exclusive Asylum Lobotomy in the toro size. I really enjoy this cigar, it’s on the stronger side, and loaded with deep, dark, lush flavor. Nicely priced under $5 too.  I went Psyko again last night with the Psyko Seven MADuro in the robusto size.  This is another Kelner made cigar with a San Andrés wrapper.  Fantastic smoke with the same filler blend as the natural version, and equally as complex, with more power and sweetness. Tonight I went nuts with an Asylum Straight Jacket, the top of the line Asylum.  I won an auction for a box (10) of these a few years back, and haven’t smoked one in a while. I forgot how really great these cigar are. Really good tasting, and good to a very small nub. Its a shame these were robustos as I was sad when it started to burn my fingers.

Asylum_Premium BelicosoIMG_3751IMG_3755 (Edited)Asylum_Straightjacket_Robusto










It was a crazy week, and I smoked some insanely good cigars.  I wonder what I should smoke for the rest of the week?  Until the next time,





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  1. Love those Psykos and that original Asylum is still a great one too.

  2. lonniemarci1991

    Thanks for the good review, they sound fairly nice, I will have to add them to my growing list of things to try!

  3. Dan Colley

    I got a couple of Psycho 7s from you a year or two back (along with a very nice ceramic ashtray from Ventura that I’m using as I type) and that prompted me to go to Ventura web site and grab some more. Now, I’m getting low so I need to re-up, but I can say that it is a terrific cigar at a reasonable price point. Thanks for creating that particular monster !!! (LOL)

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