Post-Cigar Safari Contest!

While I’m working on getting the first installment of my Cigar Safari trip report together I figure it was appropriate to have a contest!  The trip was great, a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll never forget.  Unfortunately, I’m so exhausted after returning that I can’t even start re-capping just yet.  I can say that if you have the opportunity you should make this trip.  I will always be grateful to Jonathan Drew and his staff for the excellent treatment we received (more on that later!).

The contest is easy, guess how many cigars I smoked while in Nicaragua. I will arrive there midday on Wednesday, and leave midday Saturday, so take that into account when you make your guesses.  To enter, please leave your guess in a comment on this post I’ll reveal the winner on Sunday, March 20, 2011. The prize is a box of 5 Liga Privada No.9 which was generously provided by Drew Estate, and has been in my humidor for a little over a year. I can’t thank Steve enough for his support over the last year.

I think it’s fair to disqualify the other 10 people that were on the trip.  In the event of a tie, I’ll figure out a clever tie-breaker!

That’s it for now, until the next time,


Here’s a few photos to hold you over until I get a proper report together!





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44 Responses to Post-Cigar Safari Contest!

  1. Agent 86

    I’d guess 27.

  2. Tony casas

    21!! Hope you had a blast bro!

  3. Wallaper

    Im very jealous! My guess is 25

  4. Alan Price

    17 is the magic number!

  5. TriMarkC

    I have to guess 28!

    And I sooo jealous! Maybe someday!

  6. Tom navarro

    my guess 23

  7. Duane Holmes

    Lucky 13, what else would I guess.

  8. DocJim

    26, and I’m insane with jealousy!

  9. Lloyd L.

    I say 23.

  10. DB

    Glad you had a great trip…Enjoyed seeing your photos and look forward to hearing the details about your experience.
    My guess is 14 cigars

  11. Doc NJ

    I’ll guess 33. If it is any less than that I will be sorely disappointed in you.

  12. Joe

    I’ll guess 24 since no ones guessed that yet

  13. GSCII

    I say about 20….

  14. I’m guessing 19 Craig. I hope I win. Cool website!

  15. Twitchysteve

    I’ll say 10

  16. lilwing88

    22. Have fun!

  17. Don

    An even 20 is my guess.

  18. Jeff (jkpiper)

    gonna go with 29

  19. Looks like a great trip! I hope to go someday.

    I’ll guess 22 cigars.

  20. Scott

    32!! I might smoke more, but that seems like a good number.

  21. Keith1911

    I’ll guess 31.

  22. Ron Skidmore

    I’ll say 19, thanks for the contest.

  23. 20.

    I need to sign up and experience this showdown !!! Sounds like you had a blast !

  24. freakboy791

    You’ve got me itching to go.
    I am guessing you had 18 cigars while on the safari.
    take care,

  25. Chris

    Bet you had a fantastic time. I guess 22.

  26. Jeff

    Craig, very jealous.

    My guess would have to be 7 cigars.

  27. I would have to say 23 cigars!

  28. Jacob

    31 – since my other numbers are taken

  29. Adrian B.

    0 Cigars!

  30. Wes T

    How about 29? Don’t think that was taken, but on my PDA, screen hard to read.

  31. Swede214

    Hi Craig,very interesting ”cigar site”, you were there for four days, my guess will be 24 cigars.

  32. Steve L.

    Thanks for documenting your trip so I can experience it vicarously through you.
    I’m going to guess 15

  33. I’m going with 19! Thanks for the contest Craig!

  34. JohnG

    I’ll say 18. Thanks.

  35. Marty B

    I think you will have smoked 17 cigars on your trip, and I’m sticking with it.

  36. foozer69

    22 nice trip

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