Philly Cigar Festival Ticket Giveaway!

Image courtesy of the Philly Cigar Festival

Image courtesy of the Philly Cigar Festival

I mentioned this in my last post, and I feel like it’s contest time again!  June 3, 2017 is the date for the upcoming Philly Cigar Festival being held in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The organizers have offered me a ticket to give away. This will be a multi-vendor event, with cigars, beer, food and drink and representatives from thirty cigar companies, from 11:00am to 4:30pm at The Norco Fairgrounds. Ticket prices run $150 and $200 and covers a bunch of cigars (the FDA no longer allows cigars to be given away). There are a couple of rules, first is you must be 21, and the other is that this giveaway covers the ticket only, you are responsible for getting there. I understand that this will exclude some of you. I will be there, and I hope to get a chance to hang around and have cigars with the winner (and those of you who go!). Cigars for Warriors will be represented and will be benefiting from the event.


So that’s it! Leave a comment for a chance to win a ticket, I’ll select a winner one week from today on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. There’s also a raffle on the Philly Cigar Festival Facebook page for two tickets also, so head over there and enter too!


That’s all for today, until the next time,



Must be 21 to win and transportation and lodging are not included in the prize. The prize is one ticket provided my the Phily Cigar Festival.



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23 Responses to Philly Cigar Festival Ticket Giveaway!

  1. Eric

    Would love to go!

  2. Matt

    Not that I need an excuse for a road trip to Philly but this works

  3. 107 miles to for a cigar fest? Sounds awesome!

  4. Bruce Wienckowski

    What bolt/sotl wouldn’t want to attend a cigar festival? Free is even better!

  5. Chris O'Neill

    Short trip down the turnpike for me – hope I win – thanks for the contest Craig

  6. Brian greczyn

    I’d love to attend!!

  7. Matthew Denico

    this sounds like a great time

  8. Frank Germaine

    Wow Craig what a great giveaway!

  9. Pizza Mike

    wow that would be a dream come true.

  10. Gunnar

    I love to travel for events like this. Why not!

  11. DocNJ

    Funny, I was just thinking of starting my own cigar festival over here in Cherry Hill. Does anyone happen to know if the New York City Cigar Festival name is taken yet?

    • Mike Perry

      DOC!!! You’re alive!!!

      Craig – don’t pick my entry, I’m already committed for a weekend-long event on that date and can’t attend. I thought about not commenting, and then I saw Doc’s post!

  12. Hey Craig! Hope all is well my friend. Thanks for the fun promotion. It’s getting warmer. This spring for sure we’ll get together my friend.

  13. Vince

    I would love to go, I am working getting there.

  14. Justin Burden

    Count me in!

  15. Miguel A Ortiz

    I’m ready to get Smokey my friend. So let get to it.

  16. Dan Colley

    I would love to attend but, alas, it’s just too far for me to make the trip. Good luck to all participants.

  17. Larry Hanke

    Wow, sounds like great time. Good luck.

  18. I would love to go. It’s a 4 hour drive, but well worth it.

  19. Michael shore

    I’d love to go

  20. Harry Hasting

    As others have said , I am going either way but free is always better.

  21. This sounds like fun! Put my name in the hat. Thanks!

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