NUb, Hoyo de Tradicion Cigars and Contest Time! – Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Saturday’s cigar was a Nub Habano 460.  The Nubs are interesting cigars.  The creator, Sam Leccia, felt that a short, fat cigar took no time at all to develop flavors and burned for the same amount of time as longer, thinner cigars.  I’ve enjoyed these cigars for the impeccable construction and uniqueness.  The flavors in the Habano are OK to me, but I like the Cameroon wrapped version better.  I have yet to try the Maduro and Connecticut wrapped Nubs, but look forward to picking a few up some time.  I also see on the Cain website (another Sam Leccia/Oliva creation) that they will be making a Cain F Nub, which sounds like something worth trying.

Monday’s cigar was a Hoyo de Tradicion Epicure, another well crafted cigar that burned well and had a flavor that grew on me as the cigar progressed.  This was a solid, medium bodied cigar with fairly lush and savory flavors with a fairly long finish.  I’ve always enjoyed the Hoyo de Monterrey cigars (of which this is a line extension) especially the Excaliburs. It seems like Honduran cigars have taken a back seat to the Nicaraguan cigars lately, but there are still very nice cigars coming from Honduras.


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It’s March already and that means it’s contest time!  This month’s prize is a really cool 5 pack box of Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970 courtesy of our friends at Drew Estate.  Many thanks to Drew Estate for sending a bunch of stuff for this months contest, as well as future contests!  This assortment consists of a Machito, a Gran Consul, a Robusto Grande, a Belicoso and a Churchill.  The contest is a little different this time.  For Christmas I received a 28″ tall glass vase, which was intended as a receptacle for my cigar bands.  I dumped several bags full of bands I’d been saving in to get it started.  My wife has counted the bands that are in the vase as of this writing and sealed that number in an envelope which will be opened on the day this contest ends, which will be Saturday, March 13, 2010.  Entries will be in the form of  reply to this post with your guess of how many cigar bands are in the vase.  The winner will have the closest number without going over. BONUS:  In the event that some guesses the exact number, the winner will also receive a Joya de Nicaragua cap and cutter!   Must be 18 yeas of age to win, one entry per person.  Good luck!

That’s it for now, until the next cigar,




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21 Responses to NUb, Hoyo de Tradicion Cigars and Contest Time! – Wednesday, March 3, 2010

  1. Nathan Zimmerman

    Chu da Mang!! I vote for 83 bands….

    Great site, by the way. Hope all is well with you and your family. My best to Jenn.


  2. Acey

    Damn…I think I’d have a better chance at convincing the cat to sit on my name. I’ll guess 298.

  3. KingoHarts

    Looks like about 427…yeah, that’s it…427.

  4. wedgekev1

    I like the cat thing too . But sometimes you just have to change it up .
    I’m going to quess 239 ???

  5. dj

    Oooh: I’ll have a guess soon enough — gotta go do some countin’!

  6. Dennis

    Let’s go with 341. At 25 an inch, Acey should be right on.


  7. brian

    just discovered your blog. it rocks man! I look forward to visiting it regularly.

    i vote 198.

  8. dj

    Ooh.. some good countin’ goin’ on! I’m right on w/Dennis thinkin’ ‘n schemin!

    Coupla more days to cogitate on my own guess!

  9. Scott

    It does not really seem like that many, given the size of the vase. Im going to say 153 bands.

  10. I’m going to have to guess high. 563!

  11. JaimeVR

    I’m going to guess 212 bands.

  12. Kekoakai

    Precisely 375 cigar bands and not one more!

  13. ringdoc

    I say 315

  14. MikeyM

    My guess is 302

  15. Steven Wright

    863 I dig the Price is Right rules.

  16. dj

    Okay okay: I keep a’fearin’ I’ll be a’forgettin’:

    Goin’ with


  17. sdheath

    I’m gonna say 126.