More Tatuaje Cigars: K222, Havana VI and Cheesesteak

tatuaje K222I went on a bit of a Tatuaje bender this week, starting off with the great Seleccion de Cazador Miami K222 Reserva.  This is a cigar that I have smoked a couple of and really like. It’s a 5 7/8″ x 52 Toro with an Ecuador Habano wrapper. The cigar is named for Pete Johnson’s Rottweiler, Kona, who passed away  after a battle with cancer which previously resulted in the loss of a leg. Having a three-legged dog myself, I have a great deal of empathy, even though Macha’s leg was lost due to an accident. Also, as a dog lover, I sympathize with anyone who loses a beloved pet. The K222 is a wonderful cigar, loaded with dark, rich flavor that’s perfect for my palate. The size is great, the rustic appearance is great, there’s not muck for me not to like about this cigar.


Tatuaje Havana VIWithout even thinking I selected a Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles that had been gifted to me quite a while ago by Dan, a great reader and someone I consider a friend I haven’t met yet. the 5″x 50 size was perfect for a late walk after catching an early movie (Wonder Woman: pretty good flick!). This cigar  fascinated me. I’m certain I’ve smoked from the Havana VI line before, but I didn’t recall the sweet, almost floral flavors I got from this robusto. There was a very unique and refreshing character to the first half, and it built in strength in the second half to more of the cocoa flavors I would expect. I may have more of these around, but if I don’t I’ll be picking some up. Thank you to Dan for sharing this great smoke with me!


Tatuaje CheesesteakLast night I figured, what the heck, and grabbed what Pete told me is a Tatuaje Cheesesteak, an unbanded toro that was  in the Oh F*ck I’m Lost pack that I had bought at the tour stop at Cigar Mojo in King of Prussia, PA a few months ago. Since we are close to Philadelphia, and the Cheesesteak is one of the more famous local cuisines, this was an appropriate inclusion in the five-pack, which included some Pudgy Monsters and a Black Label CRA toro. I believe this was an event exclusive for one of Pete’s “Mega Herf” events. Holy crap was this a great cigar! It was smooth as butter, or should I say Cheeze Wiz, I wasn’t expecting such a medium bodied, silky smoke. Tatuaje OFILOnce again, it had an interesting spice component that was so appealing. I’ll likely never have the opportunity to smoke one of these again, but if they were available I’d stock a humidor with these, it was that good. This may have been one of the best cigars I’ve smoked in a very long time. Exceptional cigar, I’d smoke this over eating a cheesesteak in a heartbeat, and I love a cheesesteak.


That’s all for now. I have to make some travel arrangements as I’ve decided to attend the IPCPR show this year after all. I was on the fence for several reasons, but an opportunity arose and I took it. Now I need to find some flights and book a room. Don’t forget to go back to my last post and enter the contest if you haven’t already!  Until the next time,






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  1. lonniemarci1991

    Wow, those sound really nice, I have thought about ordering the K222, looks like now I will! The “cheesesteak” sounds wonderful as well! Thanks Craig, have a great day brother!

  2. Hmmm…”Wonder Woman: pretty god flick!”…Pun or typo?

  3. jjo

    I was initially not overly impressed with the Havana VI, but with a year and a half or so of humidor time, it turned into a damned tasty stick.

  4. I’m a big Tat fan and the K222 is really something. As to the cheesesteak, you just have to rub it in don’t you?

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