Midweek Special: La Sirena Cigars Contest!

Got all the coolers emptied. Now it's just a matter of organization...I wanted to respond to Craig from CA’s question in the comments of the last post about how the new cabinet humidor is working, and I figured I’d throw another contest out too. I know everyone like a contest!  Anyway, the LeMans Cabinet humidor (Prestige) from First Class Cigar Humidors (http://www.cigarhumidors-online.com/) has been maintaining 65% RH, more or less, like a champ, with the twelve old fashioned green foam humidifiers and a little Cigar Oasis XL. The trouble is that the Cigar Oasis XL is too small for this application, so I bought the Cigar Oasis Magna, which was delivered yesterday.  I suppose that will do the job just fine without the need to augment it with any other devices. The large Magna even has remote fans and I’ll be able to use the WiFi module to monitor and adjust it. If I had a complaint with the humidor, it would be that the shelves are not adjustable, the top three shelves are angled, so I can either place one of the six trays on the angled shelf with maybe a hundred cigars per tray, or put boxes on it. I have several of the trays stacked on one of the bottom flat shelves, as well as some boxes I like to look at on the angled shelves. I like it so far.  More on the humidor, as well as the CigarOasis Magna, as things progress.




I have another pack of goodies from the folks at La Sirena Cigars!  The prize is a sampler of cigars from the La Sirena portfolio: there’s a couple of the new Oceano, a Stixx, a Jaxx, a Jaxx LT, a Merlion, a new La Sirena Trident, and I’ll probably include an old La Sirena Trident (made at My Father) so you can compare the old with the new (the new being made at La Zona, and very good as well). There’s a cutter and a box of matches too. These are all exceptional cigars, there’s something in this lineup to satisfy every palate.


LaSirena Contest



Same rules as usual, leave a comment for an entry. I’ll pick a winner midweek next week, at which time the contest will be closed.  Let’s just say it ends on Wednesday, April 29, 2015. I’m going to go smoke a La Sirena right now while I take a walk with the pup!


Until the next time,





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61 Responses to Midweek Special: La Sirena Cigars Contest!

  1. Bruce Wienckowski

    Congrats on the new cabinet humidor!

  2. Craig

    Humidor looks great. Thanks for the picture and thanks for the contest.

  3. Charlie H.

    Craig I always appreciate your generosity and your contests are always simple, to the point, and quality! I dont want to have to take pictures and post it on an app and if mine isn’t as crazy as the next guys there would be no way I’ll win. Thanks so much Craig! Good Luck everyone!

  4. Steve Christopher

    Humidor looks great. Thanks for the contest!

  5. Greg

    Thanks for the contest…fingers crossed!

  6. bob langmaid

    What an awesome humidor, congrats! Love La Sirena cigars, haven’t had a Merlion yet… would love to win!!

  7. Lorri langmaid

    Such a nice humidor! We love La Sirena, thanks for the opportunity!

  8. Dustin langmaid

    Maybe me and my dad can pitch in to get a humidor like this! La Sirena Oceano is my favorite cigar!!

  9. Scott Wilson

    Nice humidor! Thanks for the contest!

  10. cojonuyip

    Looking good Craig.

  11. Swede214

    Now you will have to buy more cigars to fill that new humidor. As always, Thanks for your contests.

  12. Tom Hoyer

    Thanks for sponsoring the contest. Looks like many years of well kept cigars ahead.

  13. davewiz

    The photos of that cabinet humidor are quite remarkable, one day I’d like to get one like that.

  14. Frank Germaine

    Awesome humidor you got there Craig

  15. Matt Ross

    Always hooking people up. You the man, Craig!

  16. Mark

    Great contest! Great site. Thanks!

  17. Pembroke Kenner

    Great looking setup. Thanks for the contest!!!

  18. This is serendipitous. I was just smoking a Sea Sprite and wondering what the new generation is like. She has the best rings, though.

  19. Texican8

    Love the humidor, and thanks for doin another awesome giveaway!

  20. Derek Carpenter

    Humi looks great!

  21. Lloyd Ladrillono

    That is one badass humidor, for sure! I wonder if I’ll ever need a humidor that large…

  22. Freakboy791


    I love the humi. Thanks for the contest. Love this brand. Take care…

  23. Jared B

    Your articles are all on point. It’s a shame you don’t have a magazine.

  24. Dan Colley

    Oooh!!! La Sirena!!! Mmmmmmm good. Craig gifted me with ine a few months back and it was quite good.

  25. Humidor looks great and pretty well stocked. If you have any of those Roberto Duran Premiums in there, they are smoking great right now. Thanks for another contest and no rafflecopter.

  26. foozer6976

    awesome humi, awesome contest thanks craig for what you do!

  27. Jason Meyers

    The new cabinet looks great! Thanks for the contest!

  28. Donald Santos

    Omg I would love to try them

  29. I just want the matches! (kidding I want the cigars too!)

  30. Mike McCain

    humidor looks good, thank you for the contest

  31. Tommy D

    That’s a great looking humidor Craig. And thanks for the contest

  32. John Hateley

    I’ve yet to try any of the La Sirena cigars, maybe that will change soon!

  33. I appreciate it when a BOTL keeps the generosity going! It’s what makes our hobby great! Keep up the good work and thank you for the contest!

  34. Duane Holmes

    I really need to try these, maybe I’ll get lucky!

  35. Zeegar

    I’m jealous, what a great stogie locker….does it lock? What’s your address (ever heard of the cigar bandit)?

  36. jay

    thanks as usual craig!

  37. Kevin D. Shahan

    I have the tiny brother of your humidor. One day though, one of those beauties will be mine.

  38. Don

    Thanks for the chance. I’m in!

  39. Tim S

    That is one nice looking Humidor. And as always that you for the contest.

  40. yossi770

    I wish we had more generous people like you!
    Thanks for all the contests and everything else…

  41. czerbe

    Craig! Great looking Humidor, maybe one of these days we will actually get together again! Thanks for the contest!

  42. Wow. I need one of those. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  43. Shneor Ashkenazi

    Thanks a lot for the contest.

  44. KOPTim

    Never had a La Sirena …. would like to try ’em out

  45. schon garrison

    Nice looking humidor. The sticks in the contest look great. Take care.

  46. Kevin E

    Nice humidor and great contest. Wi-Fi controlled…Nice!

  47. vlad davidiuk

    I answer La Sirena’s call… impossible to resist.

  48. Adrian

    Haven’t had a chance to try them, but I love to.

  49. BImpson

    Never had a La Sirena, but I’ll try anything once.

  50. Thx for the humidor update. Now to send my wife a link to your blog so she can see the beauty of it all!

  51. Andrew

    I had 1 thought it was good. Got a couple more in the humi

  52. Jerry B.

    Thanks for the opportunity to try some La Sirena’s.

  53. Commish

    Great selection for the contest! Thanks.

  54. lonniemarci1991

    Great smokes for the contest! Thanks for the give away!

  55. paul1954

    glad the new humidor is working for you! I would love to sample the La Sirena.

  56. Derek R

    I’ve never had a La Sirena, I’d love to try one – or seven!

  57. jjo

    I haven’t had a La Sirena since the move to La Zona. I wonder if the difference would be about the same as what I’ve experienced with the old EO lines?

  58. Andy K

    Not going to win it

  59. Sean

    Very nice prize, Craig. No disrespect to the folks at My Father, but La Zona is making some great smokes right now–even their more budget-friendly cigars.