Mid-week Cigar musings, Hoyo de Tradicion – Wednesday April 14, 2010

Last week I received an e-mail out of the blue from Victoria McKee Jaworski, the Director of Public Relations for General Cigar, asking me if she could put me on her mailing list.  Of course I said “heck yeah”, and sent her the requested information.  Monday a package shows up containing a very nice box of Hoyo de Tradicion Toros.  I smoked one last night and it was a fine cigar, burned straight, didn’t give me any trouble, and had some very nice flavors. Here’s some information from the press release:

Hoyo de Tradición™ pays homage to Hoyo de Monterrey’s time-honored taste in a new expression made of proprietary tobaccos from the world’s most revered growing regions.

According to Modesta Fondeur, executive vice president of tobacco and operations, “Born of volcanic soil into a pedigree of tobacco exclusive to General Cigar, Hoyo de Tradición’s blend consists of hand-selected Honduran San Agustin, and Dominican Piloto Cubano leaves, which are married to Nicaraguan tobacco from the remote island of Ometepe.  Bound with a robust Habano leaf from Connecticut, Hoyo de Tradición is adorned with a Honduran Jamastran Viso Rosado wrapper.”

Rick Chandler, the brand’s director of marketing remarks, “In Hoyo de Tradición, we have developed a cigar that respects Hoyo de Monterrey’s inherent natural sweetness and aroma, while creating a unique new tradition unto its own.  A medium-bodied offering that emphasizes and embellishes Hoyo’s traditional taste profile, Hoyo de Tradición is poised to take its place among the most established cigar brands. We feel that the line will be readily adopted into the smoking repertoires of today’s aficionado.”

I don’t typically smoke a cigar right off the truck, but these looked so good I had to try one.  These will, no doubt, improve with age.  Keep an eye out for these in future contests, I want to spread the wealth!

In the News:

Last time I pointed out the article in Parade Magazine, this time I’m pointing you toward an article on Forbes site that actually takes the stance that other tobacco products, while not safe, are safer alternatives to cigarettes and should be promoted as such.  It’s refreshing to see a major media outlet defending non-cigarette tobacco products.  Here’s the link:  http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2010/0426/opinions-steve-forbes-fact-comment-what-are-zealots-inhaling.html?partner=email.

Also, for the Pennsylvania readers, I just received an e-mail from Dave Mayer,  the proprietor of Wooden Indian Tobacco Shop in Havertown, PA,  announcing that their new store will include one of two Liga Privada lounges. The other Lounge will be across the state at Leaning House Fine Cigars in the Pittsburgh area.  I look forward to visiting the new store when it opens and seeing the new lounge.  I’m sure it will be as good as it’s namesake.

Speaking of Drew Estate, the current contest closes Saturday, and I’ll be announcing the winner on Sunday.  If you haven’t entered already, leave a reply to the contest posts (here) to enter to win a cool DE cap and a Liga Privada cutter.

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