Merry Christmas From! – Friday December 24, 2010

I finally had the inclination and opportunity to enjoy a cigar the other night and reach for one of my current favs, a Chateau Real Maduro Small Club.  What a nice little cigar that is big on flavor and burns and draws as perfectly as a cigar can and rich flavors of cocoa and tobacco.  Also this week, I won an award at my place of business that added some cash to my Cigar Safari fund, so I hope to be booking that trip in the near future.  I can only imagine how cool that trip will be, I will do my best to document it as thoroughly as possible on these pages.  I also updated the Contest Winners page to include the latest winner.  We somehow had 13 contests this year and sent out nearly 50 cigars and assorted goodies.  I can’t begin to thank the companies who provided some of these great items, Drew Estate, General Cigar and Vegas de Santiago, I’ve never asked them for a thing, yet they provided some very nice stuff for me to give away!  I certainly enjoy giving away cigars from my humidor, but it’s more fun giving away other peoples stuff!

This week I sent out a couple of packages, one of which being the Joya de Nicaragua prize from last week.  Unfortunately it’s scheduled for delivery Tuesday, December 28 and will not arrive in time for Christmas.  I truly appreciate everyone’s participation in the contests, and in the comments section of these posts.  If it weren’t for my readers I could write all of this in a Word doc and save myself a lot of time and money, but you all make it worthwhile. I have high hopes that 2011 will bring new and exciting content.

So merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates, Happy Holidays to all, smoke some great cigars and spend time with your loved ones!!

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  1. Wayne Nye


    Happy Holidays to you and your family! Really enjoy your writing. Please keep up the good work.

  2. MoBarbq

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Craig.

    Thanks for another good year of cigar blogs and giveaways. Much appreciated.

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