Memorial Day Weekend Cigar Patriotism!

Since it’s the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend here in the US,  I thought I’d throw together a little list of serious threats to our rights, those same rights that Americans laid down their lives to protect.  So in between great cigars and holiday weekend fun, take a moment to remember all those who’ve paid the ultimate price, and honor them by doing your best to prevent our liberties from being trampled!


California:  Here’s a great letter from Matt Lanford, owner of Santa Barbara Cigar and Tobacco – NO on Prop 29 – Open Letter to Lance Armstrong and Mayor Bloomberg

Illinois: Trying to slip a tax increase through on a holiday weekend –  Illinois House votes to increase cigarette tax

Some good news in Illinois: Davidoff Announces Opening of Cigar Lounge in Westmont, Illinois

Florida: I’m personally against making up new laws instead of enforcing existing ones.  Adults should be able to chose to smoke flavored products, children aren’t allowed to buy them! Selling flavored tobacco products could be prohibited in Miami-Dade

Virginia: Another case of making up a new law instead of enforcing an existing one, this time it’s littering.  We don’t do ourselves any favors when we leave our butts behind.  Dispose of them properly as you would any trash!  Civic league pushes for smoking ban on Chic’s Beach

And don’t forget: WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Not Allow The FDA To Regulate Premium Cigars


Write, call, fax, e-mail your elected officials and let thim know what you think!  It only takes a minute, and Cigar Rights of America and IPCPR websites both have terrific tools for contacting the right people.

That’s it for now, just a little Public Service Announcement on a Saturday morning.  Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!  I’ll be back to my regular content tomorrow, as the cigar blogosphere is surely slow due to everyone else being on Safari.



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