Martinez Cigars Pasión Piramides

A couple of years ago I visited Martinez Cigars at 29th and 7th in Manhattan, and I picked up a selection of robustos, among them
the Pasión, which I enjoyed.  The factory is a little store front near Penn Station, where they have three rollers producing all of their cigars. Two of them work in a pair, with one bunching and one applying wrappers, and the other guy spends the majority of his time rolling small cigars that they sell a ton of to mostly walk it customers. They have a basement aging room, where their cigars age for at least six months. I remember this from my visit, so if things have changed in the last year and a half since my visit, I apologize. If you find yourself in Manhattan,check this place out.


Martinez_Pasión_PiramidesA few weeks ago, the folks at Martinez sent me a little three cigar box of their Pasión in the Piramides size, a 6″ x 52 figurado. The Pasión line is wrapped in a Nicaraguan wrapper with fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras. These are very nice cigars, they have a quality that reminds me of a Cuban cigar, both in the way they are rolled and the basic flavor. They are earthy with a hint of sweetness, but mostly a savory flavor. Considering these are manufactured in one of the most expensive cities in the USA, these are reasonably priced in the $10 range, and are well worth a try.


Many thanks to Chris at Martinez Cigars for sharing these cigars with me.  That’s all for today, until the next time,





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  1. Patrick

    Sounds like a wonderful cigar, I’m in.

  2. Dan Colley

    I used to go to a small cigar store in St. Augustine where there was an old man who ran a “one-man” operation. He purchased tobacco and he sold cigars. He also did every thing in between. That place was so much fun to go to. I sat and chatted with him while he bunched and rolled cigars in the front window of his store.

  3. Steve W.

    They sound interesting

  4. TriMarkC

    Be interested in reading your full review on one of these cigars soon.

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