Mahogany, Diesel and the Weekend – March 7, 2010

Friday evening I had the opportunity to visit Mahogany on Walnut in Philadelphia. I had dropped my wife off at the Franklin Institute to see Philadelphia TV news legend Larry Kane give the first of a series of presentations on his time spent with the Beatles.  She said after that the lecture was outstanding.

Mahogany is a cigar bar conveniently located over top of Holt’s flagship store.  I arrived and found a seat at the corner of the bar with a view of the Flyers /Sabres game on the television.  I chose a Don Lino Africa Kifaro, which smoked very nicely.  Soon I was joined by my old friend Doc, who I haven’t seen in several years.  Doc and I have logged hundreds of herf-miles….we’ve been many places between the Jersey Shore and Las Vegas, from Buffalo to North Carolina,  it borders on the insane.  I think Doc and I “met” on a cigar IRC chat back in 1996.  It was great to get together with him again and share some cigars.  Doc had some very well aged goodies with him, one of which was a delicious un-banded petite corona which he didn’t know what exactly it was, and the other he shared with me was a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure no.2.  Both cigars were at least 10 years old and both were outstanding examples of great cigars that you just can’t get around here.  Since Doc hasn’t been keeping up with all of the great cigars that have come on the market in the last several years, I gave him a Liga Privada T52, which he enjoyed.  I had selected this particular cigar because we are both acquainted with the blender of this line.  All in all a great evening except for losing my wife in the Franklin Institute, which worked out for her because she got to talk to Larry Kane one on one in the parking garage.

Last night, after a beautiful day here that made me get the bike out of the shed and take it out for a spin, I smoked a Diesel Unholy Cocktail on my evening walk.  This is a 5″ x 56 torpedo dressed in a dark, Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper, made by A.J. Fernandez in Nicaragua.  This cigar started out quite spicy, and had an even burn and held the ash for almost half the length of the cigar.  The spiceyness eased up and delivered very dense mouthfuls of flavorful smoke.  If I had to rate this by my friend Doc’s scale, it gets a “I would smoke this again”, and I will since I have another in the humidor.  These are very reasonably priced at $4 for a single and around $100 for a box of 30. A very nice cigar and and proof that great cigars are being produced at a good price,although I think the name is kind of dumb.

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  1. I just bought a five pack of Diesels so I’m looking forward to lighting one up!

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