La Gloria Cubana Serie N Day on Friday March 25, 2011

In 1996 I had my first La Gloria Cubana cigar.  Soon after they opened the factory in the Dominican Republic and the buzz online was which were better, the cigars made in the DR, or the ones made in Miami?  I never could tell the difference myself, but I’ve had dozens of La Glorias over the year. I think the first cigar that made me feel a little queezy was a Corona Gorda natural back in the late 90s.  Of course, much has changed, however the cigars are still delicious, and the variety available has increased.  I’ve recently enjoyed the Artesanos de Tabaqueros as well as the Serie N, which is a beautiful cigar, dark and oily and full of flavor.

Friday, March 25 we celebrate Serie N Day with a webcast taking place at starting at 6 PM EDT. There will be an opportunity to interact with Michael Giannini, Yuri Guillen and Rick Rodriguez via Twitter (@lagloriacigars) and Facebook ( and there will be retailers across the country participating. The press release can be viewed here.   I will be making an appearance in the 7 o’clock (EDT) hour.

In celebration of this event, I will be giving away five 5 packs of Serie N JSBs, generously provided by General Cigar.  Watch for the first contest this weekend, and then subsequent contests every week following!  The rules will be simple, leave a comment and I’ll have a random drawing mid week and announce a winner.

That’s all for now, check back for the first contest announcement!







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12 Responses to La Gloria Cubana Serie N Day on Friday March 25, 2011

  1. Agent 86

    I hope to participate in this tomorrow, even though none of my local shops bothered to get the N.

  2. trimarkc

    I’ve got my La Gloria Serie N in my coat pocket for tonight! I’m ready to roll!

  3. Lloyd L.

    I plan on tuning in. I hope the PDT zone will run your segment.

  4. Johnny R.

    I have this great history with La Gloria. Way back in my golf outings, cheap cigar days, a friend turned me on to a great La Gloria stick. Shortly after I registered on an unnamed cigar website and promptly won a box of La Gloria Wavells! Been a fan ever since, got my N and will be a participant.

  5. Richard m.

    My serie n is anxiously waiting!

  6. Scott Hicks


    I had a great time with the event, it was nice talking with you and all the people that participated. This event was certianly a first. Although my wife thought I was nutz sitting out in the garage smoking a cigar and chatting on the laptop, I certianly had fun. Thanks for being a part of it. I hope I won something in th contest!

  7. foozer69

    serie n is very nice , nice trip

  8. Stephen

    Just had my first LGC Serie N on the 25th. VERY enjoyable smoke, and immediate jump to my top 3.

  9. Cigarjockey

    Serie N ….Nice!

  10. Tcigar

    I enjoyed very much. Serie N has a prefect draw, cool air to the palate, sweet taste, leathery, peppery at the end. Thank s, General Cigar for a free Serie N Cigar.