La Gloria Cubana Serie N Contest and a Visit to NYC!

In honor of La Gloria Cubana Serie N Day, I’ll be giving away two (2) Five packs of Serie N JSB (5½ x 54) to two people who leave a comment on this page. Winners will be drawn randomly on or around Wednesday, March 30, 2011. I will also be giving away five packs for the next 3 weeks, so stay tuned!

I had the honor and pleasure of participating in the Serie N day webcast, and, in case you missed it, I asked how they could possibly manufacture the Serie N cigars with the light tobacco leave “N” and sell it for a reasonable price.  Having recently seen all the steps that go into the manufacture of a cigar, it’s incredible that the cost can be kept as reasonable as it is, and the “N”s are hand applied.  If you look at a box of Serie N cigars you will notice that all the “N”s line up and are nice and straight.  This  is a testament to the attention to detail paid to this one little distinctive feature.  The cigars smoke great, and if you like maduro cigars with some oomph to them, the La Gloria Cubana Serie N is well worth a try.  General Cigars was very generous in providing samples as well as the cigars for these contests, many thanks to all involved in this very special event. It was fun to participate in this event, and I always appreciate the opportunity to embarrass myself!

We took a family trip to New York City today (Saturday) and I had an opportunity to stop by De La Concha and pick up a few cigars.  It’s very convenient that the store is right around the corner from Tiffany’s, where my wife always likes to visit.  Of course, I spent more than I normally would on cigars, but I wanted to try some of the New York only cigars that have been released recently.  I picked up a La Aurora Broadway, a couple sizes of the Alec Bradley New York Series and a Gurkha Para la Gente.  These cigars were created specifically to help out New York State cigar retailers after the cigar taxes were raised.  The cigars were pricey by my standards, but probably provide the retailer with better margins than other cigars.  I wanted to pick some up as much for the novelty as anything, and I’ve never had a Gurkha, believe it or not.  Maybe I’ll have a “NY Cigar Week” in the coming months!  As a side note, we walked at least 50 blocks on our visit, but I passed on having a cigar because it was so crowded, cold and windy I wouldn’t have enjoyed it.  How many miles is 50 city blocks?

That’s it for now, leave me comments to win a 5 pack of great cigars, and remember, I’ll be selecting two winners on Wednesday!

Until the next time,




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29 Responses to La Gloria Cubana Serie N Contest and a Visit to NYC!

  1. Thanks for the contest. Been nice talking to ya on twitter!

  2. Lloyd L.

    Just about all I could hear during your call-in was about the N and its cost effectivity. Too much background noise. Plus I was so sick during the event I thought it better to rest. Im sure the clip is out somewhere already and I’ll view it again.

  3. Joel


    Sorry the weather was a bit chilly, so NYC was probably suboptimal. De La Concha is a very nice independent shop. They have an impressive selection of pipes, too. I remember smoking some LGC Wavell maduros during the boom that almost killed me. For some reason, they have dropped off of my radar.

  4. Wes T.

    I missed the event; will have to look for clip online. I guess I waited too late to try to find a copy of Cigar Aficionado mag around here. All the local cigar crew must have picked them up from bookstores, was going to use that coupon for the stick!
    I think their idea was an interesting marketing device, and I would be interested to see if other brands follow suit.
    Can you imagine if cigar brands put out as many coupons as the chewing tobacco people? I haven’t “dipped” in years and still get ’em. (That was a very short-lived diversion)
    Thanks for the contest. We appreciate it (well those of us who enter do anyway!)
    Happy Spring!

  5. Ana

    Great blog and those serie N sure are good!

  6. Dawn C

    I would like to win cigars for my man, thanks for the contest!!!

  7. Steve Christopher

    Would love to try the new N, Thanks for the contest and blog!

  8. JohnG

    Ahh……NYC. I worked in NYC every day for over 30 years. I can’t even tell you how many miles (blocks) I piled up and how many shoes I wore out. I would say you walked between 2 and 3 miles. Nothing like NYC. Good thing you didn’t light up as the mayor might have put you in jail! Thanks for the contest.

  9. Jim S.

    Thanks for the update on this new LGC line.

  10. Duane Holmes

    I missed out on the LGC “N” event, they haven’t showed up here yet so I hope to win some.

  11. Zlatko

    Nice blog. Sign me in for the contest.
    Warm greetings from Macedonia

  12. Darrell Richardson

    Thanks for the blog & the contest. Haven’t tried the Serie N yet but I do love a good maduro.

  13. Agent 86

    Great contest. No one around here is planning on getting these, so I’m holding my breath.

  14. jimbobber

    As long as there is no cat hair on the cello, I would love to try the Serie N.

  15. Paul

    Like Madurs, can’t wait to try the N. Great contest.

  16. Tim

    I would love to try a series N. I had a La Gloria Cubana – pre Series N – and it was great. Beside excellent full taste, the construction was perfect.

  17. A contest! You clever dog, you! In any case, I wanted to pop by and say thanks for commenting over my way. I’ve already had the pleasure of trying the Serie N and it is truly awesome. For that reason, please discount my comment in the contest and give someone else a better chance of winning. Good luck everyone!

  18. DB

    Another fine contest and article Craig…Moving back to the US soon, hope we can maybe meet up.

  19. Richard M

    The La Gloria Cubana Serie N is probably my new favorite.

  20. Greg Z

    Hey Bro,
    Sorry I missed your webcast. Let me know how it went. Would love to share a series N with you soon my friend.

  21. What I would not do to try a The La Gloria Cubana Serie N !!!


  22. Kevin

    I’m pretty new to the site. Love everything I’ve seen so far and would love to win a five pack!



  23. Scott Hicks

    Serie N Day was one of the coolest promotions I have ever been a part of. I had a great time chatting with cigar guys from all over the country and smoking my serie N I was amazed at how long those things burn 1h45m! Had a great time and look forward to seeing what Team La Gloria has in store for us next! And yes that N is a labor intensive thing, but its all about the BLING!

  24. Wallaper

    Thanks again for another great contest.

  25. Glad you were able to enjoy some good smokes on your visit.

  26. Chubno

    It was great being online for the Serie N party. I enjoyed the N very much.

  27. Just coming across your blog. Can’t wait to check it out.

  28. Travis R

    Thanks for the chance to enter this contest. Hoping to have the opportunity to try Serie N!

  29. Rod Warczak

    I’m all for this. I do have one of the Serie N sitting in my humidor but sadly it is untouched! It smells great from what I can tell but alas I have been stricken with a sinus infection and thus missed the opportunity to join the smoke in last week but I am happy with what I am hearing! Thanks for your blog and this chance to get my hands on some more of these!