La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age by Famous Smoke Shop Contest!

The La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age is a terrific new cigar made exclusively for Famous Smoke Shop. I’ve had the pleasure of smoking several samples in the robusto and Churchill sizes and ave really enjoyed them. The cigar is beautiful to look at with it’s Ecuador Sumatra wrapper and the enormous Art Deco style band. It’s got a little bit of sweetness and is a solid, well made smoke.  You know I’m a La Gloria Cubana fan since I have a humidor dedicated to the brand!


Famous Smoke Shop is sponsoring this month’s contest with a box of La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age Toros. Leave a comment on this page to enter, and I’ll draw a random comment on Friday, August 16th.  The usual rules apply, and since it’s been a while since I had a contest, everyone is eligible to win!

Thanks to Travis at Famous for organizing the contest!  Good luck to all.

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56 Responses to La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age by Famous Smoke Shop Contest!

  1. Brian Impson

    Wow! That great looking band takes up half the stick. Another one of the General’s eye catching humi/boxes to boot. Fantastic.

  2. George Satterfield

    Love all the video’s from IPCPR especially the name your theme song’s. I would really love to win this box of La Gloria Cubana’s as there are one of my top five all time cigar brands. If I don’t I will still continue to read and watch your stuff as you are my fave. Gramalkin? Who is making them and what name are they going under now. would love to find some more..

    George Satterfield

  3. Curt Williams

    count me in

  4. Duane Holmes

    You can’t go wrong with any LGCs. I’m in!

  5. Dan ernst

    Great contest !!!

  6. Randall Simon

    Always love a contest. Good luck to all and thanks for the contest.

  7. Will

    LGC has always done right by me. Thanks for the contest!

  8. Bob Greene

    LGC’s???? I’m willing to try…

  9. Swede214

    Thanks Craig for your work at the IPCPR, enjoyed! Thanks to LGG and you for the contest.

  10. 007MI6

    Nice one Craig! I always enjoy the LGC cigars. This would be sweet win!

  11. Jared Grillot

    LGC Serie R is a stick I just can’t stop going back to, so I’ve been excited ever since I saw this line come out. A box of these would be a fantastic way to try them out!

  12. come on lucky number THIRTEEN!!

  13. Craig B

    Man these cigars look good, I always enjoy a good LCG. Im quite jealous you have a whole humidor just for them, I need to expand my “storage” section!!!!

  14. Timmc71

    Awesome contest. I have tried one LGC and enjoyed it. It would be nice to have a box of them. So throw my name in the pot Craig and good luck to everyone else trying to win.

  15. jay

    another great contest, put me in!

  16. Jeff Ketcham

    Looks great, need to try some!

  17. David Verna

    Looking forward to trying these, missed the launch event. 🙁 Time to make a road trip up to the Lehigh Valley! Great contest as always!!!

  18. MattSRoss81

    Thanks for the contest, Craig – I’m always down for that. I’m curious to try the Gilded Age.

  19. DB

    Great seeing you and Jen in Las Vegas last month. Had a wonderful time!
    Another superb cigar selected for this give-away Craig. La Gloria Cubana never fails to deliver a nicely balanced smoke in all of their blends.

  20. Ted

    Gee, I’ve never had a gilded aged toro before…!

    (Not to mention a whole box 🙂 )

  21. Paul C.

    Sounds great, I like the box design as well

  22. Always looking for a good smoke, and this sounds awesome!

  23. JScott

    I haven’t tried a La Gloria anything since Ernesto started his own line of cigars. I guess it’s about time I remedy that situation! As always, I enjoy reading your blog.

  24. foozer69

    nice, have heard some good things of these, would love to try these!!! thanks for the contest !!!

  25. smoke770

    nice contest!

  26. YA.PC

    great contest!
    as always

  27. Brian vaughn

    Thanks for the contest. They look great

  28. Robert A Zeiger Sr

    I can’t remember ever being disappointed by LGC. A box of these would surely live up to that expectation and more. Your description makes me want to take a drive, on this fine Sunday morning, up to Famous Smoke to get a few of these sticks.

  29. Lloyd l.

    Not eligible for this one, but that would be a nice score…

  30. Steve C

    Thanks to you and Famous Smoke Shop for the contest!

  31. Andrew

    Nicely done!!!

  32. besnik vinca

    Ahhh yeh go famous!!!!!

  33. Garrett

    Love the LGC gilded age’s. they’re one of my favorite by far.
    Thanks for holding the contest and let’s hope I win

  34. Danny Medina

    Would like to try these out, got one as a gift last week. Just letting it rest.

  35. Adam Mercado

    Heard about your give away on Facebook underground page but now im here im gonna check your blog, very cool mam.

  36. commish

    Yum / Yum!!!! Always room for a new and intriguing cigar in my house!

  37. Jim King

    This looks like another great LGH smoke! I can’t wait to try one…or two

  38. TriMarkC

    I’m a big La Gloria Cubana fan, as well, and he’s made this one with an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper I’m all in!! Thanks for another great contest Craig!

  39. jjo

    I haven’t had many LGC’s lately, but I always seem to enjoy them. Thanks Craig.

  40. Zeegar

    I would love a box of Gilded Age Toros. Please enter me in your contest.

  41. Nathan Zimmerman

    As always, thanks for all you do Craig! Count me in!

  42. Chris McDill

    Saw these in a catalog recently and put them on my wish list. Definitely count me in. Great blog, by the way.

  43. Phillip Mobley

    Sounds and looks good! Thanks guys!

  44. Curt Williams

    WTG Craig another excellent job my friend.

  45. Nathan

    Sounds like a nice cigar!

  46. Brad Richardson

    Sign me up! I’ve been waiting to try these

  47. Ken Smith

    This would finally give me a chance to try the La Gloria Cubana line!

  48. JohnG

    Thank you for the contest.

  49. Andre Mermegas

    Count me in! Great band.

  50. Paul Tyler

    Wow…cool contest…and yes, awesome brand…can see why you dedicate a humidor to them…great sticks!

  51. Dave

    Looks like a beautiful stick!

  52. Wayne Sikorski

    LGC’s are my faves.

  53. That’s a gigantic band….

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