La Flor Dominicana Event at CigarCigars in Frazer, PA

LFD EventMonday evening I stopped by my local CigarCigars shop which is only about two miles from home.  This shop usually has early events, typically from noon to three on a weekday, making it hard for those of us with day jobs to attend. Steve does a fine job of running this shop, which is a free-standing former convenience store.  They were having a La Flor Dominicana event and were staying open later than usual for the Eagles NFL game. I picked up a handful of LFDs, which I typically enjoy. I opted for some cigars I hadn’t smoked yet, a few of the 6″ x 64 LFD Ligero L- Granú, and some of the 4½” x 60 LDF L-GranuDouble Ligero DL660. Since free samples is a thing of the past, I did receive one of LFDs event only toros with the $10 I paid to attend the event, which also took $10 off my purchase. It worked out to be a good deal.  Kyle, the local LFD rep was there and gave an excellent video presentation in the lounge,  which is a Montecristo lounge and is quite comfortable. The video, and Kyle’s talk along with it, told the story of how cigars are made, and the care and dedication that goes into them. I’m a little jaded, of course, but it’s always fun seeing others who haven’t had the privileges I’ve enjoyed learning about all the work and time that goes into these tubes of tobacco we love so much. I’ll admit to being critical of some of the stores in the CigarCigars chain, which has 10 or 12 stores in the area, with six within about 10 miles of home, but the Frazer store ain’t bad, I just wish they’d have more evening events!


LaFlorDominicana_Ligero_L- GranuWhile there I smoked one of the L- Granús, and I smoked another one tonight. This is a big cigar, as I mentioned, it’s 6″ x  64 and comes in a huge box of 100 cigars. While I don’t see dropping $800 on a box, these are a tasty smoke with a lot of strength. I thought the larger ring gauge would temper the blend, but on both occasions I had to put the cigar down with an inch and a half to go (a reasonable time to put a cigar down, but I tend to go a little farther) because it was LaFlorDominicana_DoubleLigero_DL660starting to get to me!  Not a lot of cigars do that to me anymore.  The draw was fairly open, but the smoke production could have been better. Still, a tasty treat that smoked for a good two hours on both occasions.  Last night I smoked the 4½x 60 Double Ligero DL660 (shouldnt it be a 460?), which was also a heavy smoke, although it didn’t get to me like the L-Granu. Perhaps the shorter format was a little more nicotine friendly, despite it being the heavier Double Ligero blend.  It can’t be a bad week when it starts off smoking La Flor Dominicanas, I’ve been a fan of these for twenty years, they are almost always a special occasion.


That’s enough for now, until the next time,





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  1. lonniemarci1991

    Great man, I wish we had great shops around here that helped do events, Thanks for the blog post. Have a great day man!

  2. Patrick

    Been an lfd fan since they hit the shelves. Great line.
    Life is good.

  3. Dan Colley

    Don’t you just HATE the FDA? They have made a mess in our nest.

    My favorite LFD is the LIgero Chisel. My nephew gave me one at his wedding reception and I’ve been a fan since.

    Soldier on !!!

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