La Aurora Preferido and Puro Vintage and an A.J. Fernandez New World

imageOf course, I smoked a bunch of great cigars this week. One that was interesting was an old production La Sirena Trident that I smoked in response to Lonnie, who won the last La Sirena contest I held.  He got a sourdough bread note and wanted to know if I got anything like that. It turns out he was right, there is a pleasant sour flavor that I couldn’t put a name too that I really enjoyed. It’s always interesting when someone names a flavor and you taste it too. Whether it’s the power of suggestion or simply putting a name to a flavor, I thought it was pretty cool. I still need to sit down and compare the new Trident to the old, but when do I have time to smoke two Churchill size cigars back to back (or at the same time!).  I also smoked the Rocky Patel Prohibition Mexican again this week and enjoyed the flavor, although there was a bit of a void in the filler that made it burn a little funky.  I will have to get a few more and try to settle my internal debate on which version I like better, the Mexican or the Broadleaf.  Maybe I don’t need to decide…


AJFernandez_NewWorld_BruteA.J. Fernandez came out with the New World last year and it has been very well received. It’s priced well and it’s a great tasting cigar, so there’s really no surprise. Apparently Abdel and his father, Ismael Fernandez collaborated on this blend, which is a Nicaraguan puro, with tobacco from Jalapa, Condega, Esteli and Ometepe.  The New World Brute is a store exclusive for Serious Cigars in Houston, Texas, and is a 6″ x 66, which sounds pretty bug, but the box press makes it feel smaller ( more like a 60, still pretty big). Everything”s bigger in Texas, right? This cigar was only about a week in the humidor, but I had been eyeing an Almirante for a few weeks so I felt compelled to smoke this, and I’ve seen a couple other sites featuring this cigar in the last week or so, so I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon.  First off, it’s every bit as tasty as it’s smaller siblings. I got a hint of some ammonia near the end, which I’m sure some more humidor time will fix. It’s a great cigar with rich coffee and chocolate flavors that I really enjoy, with a hint of a peppery spice.  I’d definitely keep these in my humidor, but they take up so much darned space!


LaAurora_PreferidoNo2_CorojoA few weeks ago at another vendor’s event at my local Cigar Cigars store, I noticed a basket on the counter as I was checking out that had La Aurora Corojos in the Preferido No.2 size for $5. I grabbed two, and am a little disappointed that I didn’t empty the basket. First off, it’s a fun size to smoke. Its a classic perfecto shape, tapered on both ends and fat in the middle. These are stated as 5″ x 54, have a barrel aged Dominican Corojo wrapper. Remember when you couldn’t grow wrapper in the DR?  Anyway, this cigar burned perfectly, and had whatever that flavor that is classic La Aurora that I can’t put a name to, isn’t really my favorite, but I know and appreciate it when I smoke a cigar from this great factory.  Like I said, I’m kicking myself for not picking up more when I had the chance, because this was a terrific $5 cigar, and probably pretty darned great at $9 or $10 too. Being the cheap bastid that I am, I have picked up some great cigars on Cigar Cigars’s closeout area over the last year or two, always pays to check that section out in your local shop if they have one.


LaAurora_PuroVintage_2006Yesterday I smoked a new cigar in La Aurora‘s Puro Vintage series, the 111th anniversary Puro Vintage 2006.   My only experience with the Puro Vintage line is the 2003, which is the cigar I smoke on the occasion of the birth of my granddaughters. I have two left in the humidor, but I don’t anticipate any more granddaughters in the foreseeable future.  This tradition started when my first granddaughter was born, and La Aurora president Guillermo Leon happened to be visiting the Wooden Indian in the same town my daughter lives. Chris Lenzo, our local Miami Cigar and Co. rep generously gifted me a 2003 to mark the occasion.I since picked up a few more and smoked one when granddaughter two was born.  Important to note that my daughter is named Aurora, which is one of the reasons the brand has a special place in my heart. The 2006 is a Salamone shape, tapered at each end, and is limited to 1500 boxes of 18 cigars.  The wrapper is Ecuador HVA (Habano Vuelta Ariba), Brazilian binder and fillers from Dominican Republic, Brazil and Nicaragua. I smoked the first half of this example walking with my wife and dog on a nearby trail the the rest while relaxing on my back porch.  When ever I think of the Puro Vintage line, I think of Barry Stein saying he tastes sunflower seeds (the 2003, in specific), and I understand the sensation, and I get that with this 2006. It’s a very flavorful and exceptional cigar, definitely good for  two or more great hours of enjoyment. It’s got a hint of sweetness and had nice, bright flavors that are enjoyable and intriguing. This is a great special occasion cigar, and yesterday’s special occasion was that I got to smoke this cigar!  Thanks to Jason Wood and Gabriel Piñeres for allowing me the pleasure.


That’s about it for today.  Not sure what the next couple weeks will bring as I have root canals scheduled for the next two Wednesdays. I can’t imagine that will bring too many restrictions, but I might not be in top form.  I’ve never had a root canal, so I have no idea what to expect. I’ll do my best to continue doing whatever it is I do here!


That’s it for now! Until the next time,





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4 Responses to La Aurora Preferido and Puro Vintage and an A.J. Fernandez New World

  1. jjo

    I also recently had a Preferido Corojo #2 that came in a sampler, and am also kicking myself for not getting more at that discounted price. A lesson to us both, I guess, lol. Truly an enjoyable stick.

  2. Dan Colley

    La Aurora was my first hand rolled cigar. It was a petit corona that they dont enen make any more. Boo hoo.

    I also find it fun to pick up on a flavor that someone else has identified. Once, I was smoking one of the Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters at the same time I was reading a review of the cigar. The reviewer mentioned that he had picked up a hint of pepperment. My first reaction? BS. But it wasn’t five minutes later thst I also tasted peppermint, clearly and not just a hint.

    I tend to blame that sort of thing on autosuggestion, but who knows. Scent and taste are closely linked and are two of the most powerful senses we have when it comes to generating a sub-conscious reaction.

    Love those La Auroras. I wish I could find those Perfidios at five bucks a copy!!!

    Good column. Keep up the good work.

  3. lonniemarci1991

    I appreciate the mention in your blog! I am going to try the new Trident very soon as well. I will tell you if I think they are similar. My pallet is still developing so who knows. Have a good week, hope the root canals go smoothly! 🙂

  4. Wasn’t surprised at all to see you mention that you’d seen the New World in a couple other blogs lately. The moment I saw the name I realized I’ve been seeing it all over too. Can’t imagine how great it will be when it has some time to age.

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