Joya de Nicaragua Contest Winner Announcement – Sunday June 6, 2010

Well, after working with some really uncooperative cats today, we finally got some winners selected.  First we thought we’d mix it up a bit and dangle the names from strings, but the cats didn’t go for it.  Then we tried the catnip, which just zoned them out more and didn’t get us anywhere. By that time it got to be the time of day that they all disappear to nap the afternoon away.  Sounded good to me, so after a nap and dinner we regrouped and decided to try something radical.  Here’s the video of this month’s contest selection:

The first prize is a 5 pack of Joya de Nicaragua Antaño cigars, which will be finding their way to “DB”, aka @USAF_CC on Twitter.  I gather from his moniker that he’s busy serving our country in our armed forces, so these will go to him with our congrats and thanks!  We appreciate your service.

Duane Holmes is the winner of a Joya de Nicaragua cap and cutter.  Congrats to you and thank you for reading and participating!

Please send me your mailing addresses so that I can get these out to you this week.  Thanks go to Steve Saka and the folks at Drew Estate, who are the distributor of Joya de Nicaragua cigars, for providing these wonderful items for me to give away.

The music in the video is from a friend of ours, Cliff Hillis.    The song is “She Sees” from the album ” The Long Now”, available on .  Cliff is a very talented singer/songwriter who plays around the east coast.  We like to see Cliff whenever we have the opportunity.  He doesn’t smoke cigars, but I don’t hold that against him!  His music was featured on the CW network’s show “Life Unexpected”.

That’s it for now, except that I had a really well aged and delicious H.Upmann Coronas Major on Thursday which was at least 6 years old, probably older.  It was a terrific cigar that was well worth the wait. I had a Maria Mancini Robusto Larga yesterday which, while having a bit too loose a draw, was quite good.

Congrats again to the winners and thanks to everyone for participating!




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5 Responses to Joya de Nicaragua Contest Winner Announcement – Sunday June 6, 2010

  1. Duane Holmes

    Thanks Craig. My address is (address snipped) . Thanks again and pet the cats for me.

  2. DB

    What a floppy cat!!
    Thanks Craig for the blog and the contest…great work!
    (address snipped)



  3. Thanks for the quick responses guys! I’ll pack up the stuff tomorrow and get them out in Tuesday’s mail.

    I stripped out your addresses in your comments as I don’t really want them out there in public for your own protection!


  4. Joel Scott

    I love it! What a great way to pick a winner! Flyers are down, Craig! Get ’em fired up!

  5. dj

    Congrats to the wieners! And thanks again to Craig and His Cats!

    (A new rock band?)

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