IPCRP 2013 – Guayacan Cigars, and Other Cigars That Start With G

Guayacan_TorpedoAs we were working our way through the House of Emilio booth at the IPCPR show we were introduced to Noel Rojas, the man behind Guayacan Cigars.  Noel has an amazing story, which he shares in the video below.  His cigars are top notch, I smoked a torpedo this week that I’ve had in the humidor since last December and it was fantastic.  I found it to be complex, medium bodied, and had a really nice hint of citrus that I liked. I really look forward to trying his maduro when it becomes available. Don’t miss this short video interview with Noel.  Fascinating story!



Gurkha_GhostFriday evening I grabbed a Gurkha Ghost from the humidor and took a walk.   I’ve smoked a few of these since hey came out and as much as I wanted to like them, they didn’t WOW me.  Maybe it’s a few more months of  age (mine or the cigar?), but this one hit me right.  It was what I expected from the others but didn’t get.  Nice, sweet, lush flavors that I expect from a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapped cigar.  The band and packaging are pretty cool too. I’m glad I have finally come to like these, and I have no idea why I felt the desire to enjoy this particular cigar.


Gran Habano_Gran ReservaYesterday I was thinking about what to smoke, and working on today’s post in my head,  and the CDO (that’s OCD in alphabetical order, as it should be) in me decided I needed another cigar with a name that started with G.  It turns out there’s not a lot of them!  Fortunately I found a Gran Habano Gran Reserva No. 3 2008 Churchill that I had bought well over a year ago.  The wrapper is a beautiful milk chocolate brown, and is from Columbia, which you don’t see very often.  The cigar burned perfectly and was smooth and delicious.  I actually haven’t smoked more than a handful of Gran Habano products, but the couple cigars in this line have really impressed me.  Another medium bodied smooth and flavorful smoke to round out my week.


That’s it for today, after doing some yard work this morning it’s time to grab a cigar or two and relax in the pool.  Until the next time,











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