IPCPR 2015 – Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust Cigars with Steve Saka

I told you today’s post would be from the show, and we spent Saturday catching up with some old friends, meeting some new ones and only seeing about half of the show floor.  We will venture into the other end later today and tomorrow, but so far it’s been a lot of fun, but tiring. It’s going to be a challenge to see everyone I hoped to see, but I hope to leave here Tuesday with no regrets, and a lot to write about in the coming weeks.  It seemed like the day one turnout was light, but the vendors I talked to were writing orders and seemed pleased.  I only smoked two cigars on the show floor today, Victor Vitale’s Tortuga Connecticut, and Sam Leccia’s newest Luchador, the El Guapo, a short 70 ring box pressed cigar which was very nice.  I managed to get one special interview, I believe it’s the first you’ll see from the show.


DunbartonDay one of the IPCPR trade show in New Orleans was quite busy for one of the new exhibitors, Steve Saka, former president and CEO of Drew Estate. He debuted Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust, although his first release, Sobremesa, isn’t ready yet, he reportedly sold several times the number of boxes he anticipated and was busy all day.  I had the great pleasure of sitting down with him at his booth after he show closed and captured this 15 minute video of his very in depth description of the cigar and his company.  I’ve known Steve for many years, and he’s always fun to talk to, so please enjoy this video which pushes the limits of YouTube’s time limit!  Thanks to Steve and his wife Cindy and son Jon for their hospitality. I can’t wait to sample this new cigar in a few months!



Please note, the volume is low, my apologies for that. Please remember to turn down your volume when you are done!


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6 Responses to IPCPR 2015 – Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust Cigars with Steve Saka

  1. Dan Colley

    I am particularly interested in the new Padron release that is named after one of the family’s patriarchs. Cellophane? Connecticut wrapper? Just those two things represent a large change for that company and I’m interested in the outcome of this new venture for Padron.

  2. jjo

    Great interview. I especially like the fact that he doesn’t feel the need to hold back information on the tobaccos used and that he’s willing to admit that he fully expects some people to not like it.

    So what’s the deal with the toaster? Free with every account?

  3. Yes, nice review. And now I’m intrigued by his offering… Damn! Sucked in by the blogosphere hype again!

  4. lonniemarci1991

    Nice interview, I am going to have to look for this one, sounds nice. Thanks Craig!

  5. fich

    Mic work was OK, but I wanted you to go full Larry Bud Melman.

  6. czerbe

    Great interview Craig. I love the shout out to PA tobacco.

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