IPCPR 2013 – Villiger Cigars with Roy MacLaren

On Monday I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Roy MacLaren, the president of Villiger Cigars North America, their premium cigar division. I’ve had a great relationship with the folks at Villiger and they have really been making some terrific premium cigars over the last few years. I smoked the 125th Anniversary robusto while I was at the show and it was quite a delicious smoke.  I had run over to the Mirage (run may be an exaggeration  between the mass of humanity and the hundred degree temps running wasn’t very possible) to pick up show tickets before my meeting with Roy, so I was ready for my first cigar of the day when I got back.  The robusto was a very nice cigar that I smoked for over an hour and enjoyed the experience.  It had a nice sweetness.  I think I only smoked one cigar a day at the show this year, it gets too hard to juggle cigars and equipment, and I hate walking into a booth with someone elses cigar going.  Anyway, if you haven’t yet, give Villiger’s premium lines a try, they are very good.  The smaller, dry cured cigars they make are top quality too, I love the Exports when I want something small!


Here’s the video with Roy.  Unfortunately this was a “re-do”, as I somehow misplaced the original video we shot on Monday.   He was nice enough to make time for me to reshoot the video, and I certainly appreciate it. I was quite upset, ask my wife!



I may have to go out in the pool and smoke another Villiger cigar.  Temperatures are near 100 her in PA and we have humidity, so it’s like a cross between Vegas and Florida!  Certainly too hot to just sit outside and smoke.


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  1. Mrs. CigarCraig

    For those that take the time to watch the video of Roy, here’s a little bit of trivia about the video: You’ll notice that there is a spectrum of light and prisms coming down over Roy. And you’ll also notice that Craig mentioned that we had to rerecord this interview. Well, we sat in a different spot in the Villiger booth during the first taping of this interview and Roy had the same affect over his head. This has never happened with any other videos we’ve done. Roy just has that effect! Great guy.


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