IPCPR 2013 – Part 2: The Cigar Authority with David Garofalo

I know many of my readers also listen to cigar podcasts, and I’m a big fan.  One of the ones I’ve been listening to for a few years is The Cigar Authority.  It took some time for me to get used to the funny accents 🙂 , but I’m constantly entertained, and have even managed to get mentioned on the show here and there! Usually it’s when I’ve e-mailed to point out some inaccuracy or something that caught me funny, like the time David had eyelid surgery and his graphic description almost made me pull the car over to evacuate my digestive tract.  It’s not always that bad, so I listen religiously every week via the podcast version usually while walking the dog or in the car.


In this portion of the video David tells us about the show.  It’s quite a bit shorter than yesterdays!


If your into the whole podcast thing, give these guys a listen, you can find them at TheCigarAuthority.com or on iTunes.  You can also listen and/or watch live when they broadcast the show on Saturdays from Noon to 2:00 Eastern Time.  One of these days I’ll catch a live show one way or another.

That’s all for now, watch for tomorrow’s dramatic conclusion of the Garofalo Trilogy!  Until then,




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2 Responses to IPCPR 2013 – Part 2: The Cigar Authority with David Garofalo

  1. love TCA. your blog is very good as well. i’m pretty sure that, thanks to TCA, most of new hampshire has in some way heard of “rudy from canada” more than once.

  2. Another regular listener from TCA here. Good interview with Dave. Thanks!