IPCPR 2013 – Ortega Cigars: a Cubao, a Serie D and Minis

Cubao_ChuchillIt’s no secret that I’m a fan of Eddie Ortega and his cigars, going back as far as the REO.  While I  haven’t gotten around to sampling any of his Wild Bunch series, I have enjoyed the heck out of the Serie D line. At the show Ortega Cigars re-released the Cubao line, and I smoked No. 5 Friday evening, at least I think that’s what it was.  I should have measured it because there’s still some confusing information on the internet about this line.  Many retailers still list this as an EO Brands line. It’s still made by Pepin Garcia in Nicaragua in the same blend as before.  Sumatra wrappers aren’t always my first choice,  but this is a darned tasty and perfectly constructed cigar. I certainly look forward to smoking more in this line.


Eddie was a tough guy to get to talk to at the IPCPR show, but I finally got a few minutes in between customers near the end and talked to him about his new cigars.  Here’s a short video:



Ortega_SerieD8_NatSaturday afternoon I smoked the Ortega Serie D no. 8 natural.  This is a brilliant cigar, although not as brilliant as the maduro in my opinion. I always appreciate a well made cigar, and these always burn perfectly.  Its got a pleasing flavor that’s satisfying and always makes me a little sad when it’s finished! Perhaps I need to get larger sizes! The maduro Serie D is awesome!  Side note, when you see a picture like this one it means I was either too lazy, too negligent, or in too big a hurry to smoke the cigar to take a proper picture.  Fortunately I compulsively put almost every cigar I smoke on Instagram.  Sorry. 🙂


New at the show this year are the Ortega Minis. These are 4″x 38 little guys sold in 4 packs in Connecticut, Habano and Maduro wrappers.  Many have speculated about the packaging for these, as Ortega_Ministhey come in a cardboard box reminiscent of a Marlboro cigarette pack. Certainly the argument can be made that the premium cigar industry wants to distance itself from anything to do with cigarettes, and I have to agree.  However, Eddie likes the packaging and it is what it is.  The cigars are pretty amazing.  Last night I started with the Ecuador Connecticut wrapped version, then smoked the Habano.  They were both tasty smokes, with my personal preference leaning toward the Habano.  The Connecticut was good, don’t get me wrong,  and it wasn’t a mild and flavorless cigar at all.  If anything it had a little acidic bite that will mellow with age.  The Habano was full flavored and both cigars burned perfectly.  I actually used the 5 Star Perforator on both with good results.  I smoked the Maduro after the trade show closed in Vegas, sitting outside by a fountain at one of the entrances to the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. Regular readers will not be surprised that this was my favorite of the bunch.  It was rich and full of my favorite cigar flavors of espresso and cocoa.  I will be picking up some of these, regardless of what I think of the packaging.  These are all cool little smokes, they are like smoking half a lancero.  Pretty darned yummy.


That’s it for now.  We are having a little graduation/birthday party for our oldest son, Corey today, so I have to get ready for gusts to arrive and fire up the grill.  I think today may be a lancero day for me, I’ve got a few in mind, unfortunately, an Ortega Serie D Maduro isn’t one of them (but is on my wanted list!).


Until the next time,





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  1. JScott

    Congrats to you and your son!

  2. Craig

    Looks like some nice cigars to try out. Congrats to your son and your family!

  3. czerbe

    first Congrats Corey on your name… its a great one!!! Second.. Congrats on Graduation!!! Craig, its high time we catch up… been way to long.. Third…Eddie makes great sticks… Full Stop!!!!…Fourth.. Lets go Flyers!

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