IPCPR 2013 – Emilio Cigars and House Of Emilio, an AF2 and a La Musa

I’m getting down to the last couple videos from the IPCPR show, and I had, up until recently, no cigars to pair with them. That’s not entirely true, I have a selection of cigars from Gary Griffith’s Emilio line and various brands he distributes, but nothing new and exciting.  That is until a box arrived in the mail last week with some new samples!  Thanks Gary! Perfect timing! The House of Emilio handles a bunch of great boutique brands which all seem to fall in line with my tastes. Please watch the video with Gary and Nate as they explain both the Emilio line and the brands they distribute.



Emilio AF2_CoronaThe cigar which immediately caught my eye, and looked like it would best fit into the time I had available was the Emilio AF 2 in the corona size.  I’ve enjoyed plenty of this blend made, by AJ Fernandez, in the toro size,  its a little brighter in flavor than the AF 1 which is also a terrific smoke. The corona size really made the flavor pop, it was so good, I didn’t want to put it down. It’s a solid, enjoyable cigar that most fans of medium to full bodies cigars can enjoy, I think.  Can we look forward to the AF 1 in this size, or would that be too much of a good thing?  Highly recommended if you enjoy exceptional cigars.


LaMusa_Melete_RobustoYesterday, after enjoying a 1502 Black Gold toro (also a House of Emilio brand, and excellent!) I selected a cigar that I actually received at the end of last year, the La Musa Melete robusto. If the Emilio AF 2 is a brighter version of the AF 1, the La Musa Melete is the darker version of the original La Musa. The wrapper is visually darker, but I’m talking about flavor and the flavors are lush, deep and decadent. It starts with a nice spice and takes off from there. It smooths out and finishes off with the espresso flavors i find so enjoyable. The construction was perfect.  The Grimalkin was an exceptional cigar, the La Musa (same cigar, different name) is exceptional, but the Melete is something very special. Kudos to Gary and the super secret factory that makes this (is it still a secret?)


That’s it for today.  I may find myself at one of Gary’s stores in Delaware this afternoon, looking for more Meletes and coronas!  Until the next time,








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4 Responses to IPCPR 2013 – Emilio Cigars and House Of Emilio, an AF2 and a La Musa

  1. Agent 86

    Interesting read. I’ve never seen any of these.

  2. jjo

    I completely agree with your assessment of these two lines. I need to get some AF2 coronas, since that is the only size I haven’t tried. I loved the Grimalkin with some resting time on them to tone down the pepper a bit, but I think the Melete is even better. Kudos to Gary.

  3. czerbe

    I have yet to find a Stick from Gary or one that he distributes that I don’t like. His stuff is top notch and I can’t smoke enough AF1s