IPCPR 2013 – 262 Cigars, a Paradigm and an Ideology

262 Paradigm_Short RobustoI still have a couple videos left over from last July’s IPCPR show so tonight I’ll feature a couple cigars from 262 Cigars. These crazy guys are making some great cigars. Sunday evening my eldest son and I took a walk, he with an Oliva O Robusto and me with the 262 Paradigm Short Robusto. At 4”x 52, this is a nice sized cigar for a one mile walk. It’s a tasty smoke, it made me wish it was longer. I’ve smoked this cigar before, actually a little over a year ago, when I posted the video of my talk with Clint Aaron at the 2012 show. Have I had this cigar for that long? I seem to remember picking this up at an event at Ned’s in Newtown, PA last winter where I hung out with Clint and smoked a lancero. Wherever this one came from, I liked it. The size is handy and fun and the smoke is tasty. Smooth and sweet.


262 Idedology_CoronaMonday I finally smoked the 262 Ideology Corona that was a sample from the 2012 show. This 5½”x 42 corona is the perfect size. It’s on the mild side, but I think the smaller format ratchets up the intensity of the flavor so it doesn’t seem so mild. Super smooth flavor with a sweetness similar to the Paradigm. While I enjoyed the heck out of this on my evening walk, this would be a great cigar in the morning with a hot mug of coffee. Both this and the Paradigm smoked well with a V-cut, burned straight and drew perfectly. If you haven’t tried the 262 line, give them a look.


Here’s the video from July:



I think I still have a 262 Paradigm Lancero floating around someplace, I just didn’t have the time to smoke that one this week. I look forward to getting a hold of the 262 Revere Lancero, as well as the 262 Paradigm Corona.  Great stuff coming from Clint and the 262 Cigars gang!


That’s it for now, until the next time,





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  1. czerbe

    Great week in smoke and I love the Video buddy I haven’t tried any of the 262 stuff yet what local shops have them?

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