IPCPR 2013 – 1502 Cigars, the Black Gold and News

1502_BlackGold_ToroI have a weakness for the 1502 Black Gold, a beautiful Nicaraguan puro with a maduro wrapper.  When I have these in my humidors it’s all I can do to not smoke them up right away.  Something just hits me right about that cigar, and my only option is to smoke them.  Both vitolas, box pressed Toro and Torpedo, have a partially closed foot, which gives a blast of tasty wrapper flavor right off the light. The Ruby and Emerald are great smokes too, but the Black Gold is my favorite!  I smoked one the other night and enjoyed the heck out of it.  Rich, dark, bold flavors in a full bodied cigar that doesn’t strike me as strong like the website would suggest, but well balanced and tasty.


Here’s a video from last month’s IPCPR show with Enrique Sanchez of Global Premium Cigars telling us about his 1502 line.  It was tough to get time with Enrique, as the entire House of Emilio booth was mobbed the whole show.  I actually somehow missed meeting him at last year’s Delaware Cigar Festival, an obvious oversight on my part.  Enrique is a great guy, and quite passionate about his homeland.




Cigar Federation, the cigar-centric social media site, which you should all check out by the way, is partnering with Brian Berman (Cigar Rights of America) to hold a raffle to raise money for Brian’s Project Mañana.  Project Mañana is a charity Brian set up to help the impoverished in The Dominican Republic.  Cigar Federation hopes to raise as much money as possible for this organization, and is holding a raffle to this end.  You will get a raffle ticket for every $10 you donate, and some of the prizes are pretty darned good. Head over to their page and see.  Give them a few bucks, you’d just spend it on cigars anyway, right? Did you miss the link?  Here is is again.

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  1. Thanks for writing about our PM raffle!

  2. Thank you for this great article, CigarCraig!

  3. MattSRoss81

    I just want to thank you for your support on Cigar Federation’s Raffle for Project Manana – it is greatly appreciated.

    We continue to add prizes to the prize pool which already includes Prize Packs from Drew Estate, The Crowned Heads, House of Emilio, and more!

    Also, we have two “side contests” set up to even further the prize “goodness”. Help us spread the word about this Raffle, and be entered to win a Cult Cigars Prize Pack (http://cigarfederation.com/page/side-project-manana-contest). The second is a special raffle for any donations that come in today and tomorrow that makes you eligible to win a box of Cuenca Cigars or an AJ Fernandez Prize Pack (http://cigarfederation.com/page/another-side-raffle-for-project-manana). We’re very close to our goal, and we thank you for your help in getting there. Good luck to all that support this cause, and long ashes!

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