IPCPR 2012 – Victor Vitale and ORTSAC 1962 Cigars and The JD Hightower Cigar

I spoke with my buddy Victor Vitale of The Cigar Agency at the show and shot a quick video with him.  It was one of my early interviews, so I was kind of awkward  and just let him do the talking.  Victor is an awesome guy, and is making some tasty smokes.  I had an opportunity to sample the ORTSAC San Andrés and it was delicious. I’ll get my hands on some more, because the trade show floor, in my opinion, is a terrible place to sample cigars!  I actually only smoked this one cigar on the floor the two days I was there.  Hard to believe, I know.  Here’s the video:



Also, and I dropped the ball on this one, Victor showed me a cigar that he debuted on Saturday at the show on Friday, so I would have the scoop on everyone else.  I blew it, but here’s a few pics of the JD Hightower cigar Victor is making for Jose Dominguez.  This is an enormous 6″ x 70 ring gauge box pressed cigar that Victor wouldn’t give me any other information on.  It’s a monster, roughly the size of a jumbo Three Musketeers candy bar.  However, from the looks of it, the box press may make it manageable.  I look forward to trying this cigar when I have plenty of time to devote to it.  Here are the pictures, one of which I took next to a 5″ x 44 cigar for scale.  I can only imagine how big the hands of the folks rolling these must be!













That’s it for now!  Last day of vacation, and I need to recover from the 16 hour drive yesterday!  More to come!




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  1. This was a fun video to make! 🙂 Victor was a great guy.