IPCPR 2012 – The Cigar Federation

This is the third and final video with the guys at The Cigar Federation/Ezra Zion Cigars.  The Cigar Federation website is a social media site with forums, reviews and video content by the team of Kyle, Chris and The Don, and information valuable to cigar smokers.  I’ve been trying to spend more time on the forums and I always announce updates to my site in the form of a blog post or status update.  It’s a slick platform, very user friendly and intuitive.  I’ll let Kyle tell you about it in this video from the trade show.



That’s the third and final installment of the videos from the guys at Cigar Federation and Ezra Zion Cigars.  Have a look at the site, sign up and give it a spin.  The videos they shoot are always fun, and there’s a lot of good info to be had.  We really can’t have enough good communities of cigar smokers, can we?


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