IPCPR 2012 – Recluse Cigars/Iconic Leaf Cigar Company

A few weeks ago I received some pre-release samples of the Recluse cigars from the Iconic Leaf Cigar Company.  I wanted to smoke them before the IPCPR show, but I wanted to let them rest, and I saw another review or two on them and I didn’t want to be a follower :-).  I did make a point to seek them out at the show and got to spend a little while talking with JR Dominguez about the line.  I smoked the samples this week.  It’s very unusual for me to smoke the same cigar twice in a week, but this was one of those times where the first sample intrigued me so much I had to smoke another.  The fact that I came home from the show with another sample or two made the decision easier.  The cigars I smoked were square pressed toros, nice dark wrappers and didn’t have bands.  They burned perfectly, as JR explains in the video, they are rolled in the entubado method which accounts for the excellent draw and burn.  There was a unique flavor that developed, it grabbed my attention and held on, making it hard to put the cigar down.  If you see these around, give one a try, even if you suffer from arachnophobia!  The spiders on the bands won’t hurt you!  The photo here is of one of the Kanú vitolas, the No.1,  that are explained in the video also.  It’s a neat shape and will be fun to smoke.



Many thanks to JR and Scott & Kelly Weeks for the pre-release samples and for taking the time to talk to me at the show.  Once again, give these tasty smokes a try if you get a chance, they are pretty darned delicious!  A nice maduro wrapper over a Cameroon binder gets my attention every time.


I’m just about over my cold, thanks for all the kind words about that.  Time to start digging in to some of the new stuff!


Until the next time,





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  1. Thank you Craig for appreciating the results of what was a tremendous labor of love for us.

    Best wishes.

  2. Agent 86

    That’s a really good looking shape.

  3. Cigarjockey

    Had a chance to try the Robusto. Great cigar JR!

  4. These are some great sticks!

  5. George Mercurio

    Great job had two in Key West last week great flavor & perfect draw, please get up to Naples & distribute. can’t wait.

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