IPCPR 2012 – Headley Grange Estupendo by Crowned Heads

The Headley Grange Estupendo was the cigar that Jon Huber wanted to make that tasted like the first few seconds of Led Zeppelin’s “When The Levee Breaks”, which was recorded at the former poorhouse in Headley, UK called Headley Grange. On my way out of the IPCPR show on my second and last day, I stopped by to say hello to Jon Huber of Crowned Heads and he laid a couple of Headley Grange samples on me. I decided to smoke one Thursday night to see how it was. In the interest of full disclosure, I have yet to try the Crowned Heads initial release, Four Kicks, but after sampling the Headley Grange, I may have to. The 5½ x 52 size of this cigar is just about perfect for me. It’s a little longer than the robusto that can be a little too short when one is really enjoying a great cigar. Obviously the quality is outstanding given that it’s made by Ernesto Carillo in his factory in the Dominican Republic. The cigar lit and burned very nicely, and smoked for around 1½ hours. I find that I’m smoking slower in the past couple years, which I view as a good thing. The cigar was loaded with deep, rich flavor, which makes me understand the comparison to the drums at the beginning of “When the Levee Breaks”, but I found myself thinking it tasted more like “Hot Dog” from the “In Through the Out Door” album, it made my taste buds dance a little! This was a really good smoke, which wasn’t awfully surprising. I should have added a Four Kicks to my purchase last week at Total Tobacco but I didn’t. I guess I’ll have to go back! Bottom line: delicious cigar, a must try.


Here’s a quick interview with Jon Huber at the IPCPR show, I appreciate him hanging around a bit after the show closed to record my last video of the event.


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