IPCPR 2012 – Ezra Zion Cigar Company

One of the first booths we stopped at at this years IPCPR show was the guys from Ezra Zion Cigar Company and CigarFederation.com.  I reviewed this cigar a month ago, you can find that post here.  I ran into Kyle, Chris and Alan (aka The Don) the previous night at the opening reception and knew I had to get some video with these characters.  This is the first installment of three where the guys talk about the new Ezra Zion Inception cigars.  As I said in my previous post about this cigar, it’s no easy thing to bring a cigar to market, kudos to these guys for following their dream!  I wish them much success, and the cigar is so good it shouldn’t be a problem!



One small thing I’d like to correct that Kyle said in the video:  I’m much more likely not to mention a cigar I think is crappy than to say it’s crappy.  I am of the opinion that just about every cigar in the premium or boutique category is someone’s baby.  Unless a whole box unravels on me or is plugged or something, whether I think a cigar tastes crappy or not is of little consequence.  I have e-mailed cigar makers privately when I’ve had issues with construction and off flavors, but I’m not going to pretend I’m some sort of expert on how a cigar should taste.  Taste is subjective and I recomend that everyone try everything.  Case in point: some people like lima beans. I don’t.  What do I know?  Rest assured, when I love a cigar, you’ll know it whether I paid for it or it was a sample. You can count on that!


That’s it for now, look for parts two and three of this series over the next few days.




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