IPCPR 2012 – Brickhouse Maduro and J.C. Newman Booth Tour

After another busy Saturday doing things like covering the pool, moving furniture and chasing the dog all over creation, I decided to finish the day with the Brick House Mighty Mighty Maduro from the IPCPR trade show.  I had managed to get an appointment with Shanda Lee, J.C. Newman‘s Vice President of Marketing, and she gave me the tour of their booth.  She didn’t really want to be on video, so I shot the products she was talking about.  They have some beautiful humidors and accessories that are features in the first part of the video, and some tasty smokes in the second half.  It’s a little longer than I generally like, but Shanda was very thorough and generous with her time and information.  I appreciate the fact that she took the time to talk to me.




The Brickhouse Mighty Mighty Maduro is a solid cigar, loaded with all of the richness and chocolaty-coffee goodness that you’d expect.  It has a dark Brazilian wrapper that is slightly mottled, but quite nice.  It is a formidable sized cigar and probably took me more than 2 hours to smoke at a leisurely pace.  I smokes the original Brickhouse a few weeks ago in the “Teaser” size, and If I could get a box of the Maduro in that size I would in a heartbeat.  The Teaser is a 3 ½” x 56 short smoke that was quite nice in the natural wrapper, and I can only assume it would be excellent in the maduro, and a more convenient size for me than the 6¼” x 60 Mighty Mighty.  Unfortunately, it seems that the “Teaser” size is only available at events, which is a shame because, like I said, I’d probably buy a box. Still the Brickhouse line is a solid Nicaraguan cigar, and the maduro is an excellent addition. Needless to say, the construction is top notch, which is indicated by the name of the brand. It was a really relaxing and enjoyable smoke.


That’s it for today, no harsh criticism of my fellow bloggers and podcasters or any other cynical, sarcastic comments. Sorry about that!  Thanks to Tim at StogieGeeks.com for letting me get away with poking fun at him in the comments of Wednesday’s post, and for leaving the comment in the first place.  I appreciate everyone’s comments!


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