Holiday Weekend Cigars: Joya de Nicaragua, La Sirena and a 777

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful day, filled with family, food and cigars!  We kept it small this year, my wife cooked up a delicious meal, and my brother-in-law joined us and enjoyed a cigar with me after the meal.


I first enjoyed a Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Lancero on the first day of Cigar Safari in Nicaragua last March.  Jonathan Drew passed them around on our way to dinner after an amazing day of travel and sight-seeing.  The cigar was amazing, so when I spied one in the gift pack from the blogger party that Drew Estate threw at the IPCPR show, I was quite pleased.  So I selected that cigar for my post-turkey smoke, and gave my bro-in-law it’s shorter, fatter sibling, a Cabinetta robusto.  Obviously, the lancero lasted a little longer thank the robusto, but it needs to be smoked slower, but it waswonderful.  Smooth, reasonably mild, with nice flavors, this is a cigar that I need to get more of, and I don’t like not having one size or another of the Cabinettas in my humidors.  It’s a perfect cigar for any time of day.


Friday, following another family feast, I decided the La Sirena Prince that I picked up at the Delaware Cigar Festival was in order.   This robusto is a little hard to find behind the enormous band.  Fortunately, once the large band is removed, a smaller one is still there so you don;t forget what you are smoking.  I found this to be a tasty treat, wrapped in a dark, broadleaf wrapper.  I quite enjoyed this cigar, it burned perfectly and had a unique flavor that defies my ability to describe. All I know is that I liked it, and thanks to Chris Lenzo of Miami Cigar and Co, for hooking me up with this after someone bought up all of the cigars they had brought to the expo!


Saturday turned out to be a very nice day, so I grabbed a Jesus Fuego 777 Maduro Belicoso for my evening walk.  I really like these cigars.  They have all of the deep, dark flavors I want out of a maduro.  I had previously only smoked the coronas, but this Belicoso came from the hand of Jesus Fuego himself at the IPCPR show.  Terrific cigars and not unreasonably priced.  The burn was a little ragged in the first half, but ended up being perfect in the last half.  Jesus Fuego is pretty consistently coming out with some great cigars.  You can see a little video I took of him here.


As I write this I’m enjoying a La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro Especiale on a mild evening. I’m contemplating taking a ride up to Easton, PA next Saturday to attend the LGC Event at Famous Smoke Shop.  I haven’t been up there yet and look forward to seeing the new store.  I’m also plotting something special for the Christmas holiday season, so stay tuned!  Finally, don’t forget to check out the special deal mentioned in my last post.  Get your free calendar and a cigar from !


That’s enough for now, until the next time,








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3 Responses to Holiday Weekend Cigars: Joya de Nicaragua, La Sirena and a 777

  1. Tad Smith

    Thanx for the review Craig. I have enjoyed several of all three of these cigars. Keep up the good work.

  2. The La Sirena has been one of my favorite cigars for awhile. Im dying to try the A. Also, i havent seen the 777 in stores around me, id like to try that one as well

  3. Great review, i’m going to try some of these that i haven’t yet.