Gurkhas and Nubs, ORTSACS and La Palinas – Cigars and Hockey

Today is Easter Sunday here, and we had the family over for breakfast. Not that I would normally have a cigar in the morning, but I usually spend my Sunday mornings writing, so that’s why today’s post is a bit later than usual.  I will, no doubt, have a cigar later today when things settle down.  It may not surprise you to know that I managed to smoke a cigar or  two this week, here’s the rundown. The last part of the week was kind of a blur, so I’ll do the best I can. I stuck with some favorites, I needed a change of pace.

Gurkha_SeductionThursday I went to the Flyers game with my brother-in-law, Jeff.  On the drive down we fired up a couple Gurkha Seduction robustos.  This is a cigar that really suits me.  I love the flavor of this Ecuador Habano wrapped cigar, and it’s perfectly made.  I’ve been using nothing but my new Xikar XV cutter since I got it, and the V cut worked perfectly. It was a delicious cigar that perfectly fit the hour long drive from home to the Wells Fargo Center in Philly.  I would have preferred it if the Flyers had won, they blew a 2 goal lead then Nub464T_Cameroonlost in a shoot out against the Islanders.  After the game we retired to the cigar bar once again. I find sometimes my time is better spent having a cigar there as opposed to sitting in traffic.  I had a couple Nub 464Ts in my pocket and I smoked a Cameroon.  I hadn’t thought about it when I grabbed these, but I only had the V cutter. As it works out, the V cut on the torpedo wasn’t terrible, and it worked out OK on this tasty Cameroon wrapped cigar.  The 464T is not a short smoke, we left about thirty minutes into the cigars and they just about lasted the drive back home.


ORTSAC_1962_HabanoFriday I took a walk with an ORTSAC 1962 Habano.  This is a cigar that was gifted to me by Victor Vitale, cigar maker, importer & distributor a few months ago.  It came in a neat little box with another Habano and two of the San Andreas varieties. It’s no secret that I adore the San Andreas, as a matter of fact, I will be on a mission to get some more of those in the near future.  The Habano is no slouch either.  It has a wonderful flavor and construction, and really works for me.  Here’s a suggestion to Victor: package the Habano and San Andreas in either boxes of ten with five of each, and/or boxes of twenty with ten of each.  I don’t know about anyone else, but that would make ME extremely happy, because now I’m not really sure if I like one better than the other!  If I had both I could continue to argue this point with myself. Please let me know when and where these will be available! 🙂


Saturday afternoon my wife an I went to the Flyers game again, this time they beat the Bruins in regulation. (short side note:  At the beginning of every game they bring five kids out to stand with the players during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. There was one little kid, couldn’t have been more than six, who could barely stand on his skates  Kudos to defenseman Bruno Gervais for holding this kids hand while he was out there. Seems like a little thing, but this little act of kindness was the highlight of the game for me. Well done Bruno!) Circumstances prevented us from attending the unveiling of a statue of Bobby Clarke and Bernie Parent hoisting the  Stanley Cup after they won it in 1974, which is in front of the Xfinity Live entertainment/dining complex adjacent to the Wells Fargo Center. Also, due to some logistics, as well as the onset of a migraine, we decided to forgo the usual cigar bar visit and head home after the game.  After getting home and medicating, I took the La Palina El Diario Robustodog, and a cigar for a walk.  I selected a La Palina El Diario robusto and gave it a snip with the Xikar XV.  I am loving this cutter more and more every time I use it.  Anyway, this is another nice, Habano wrapped cigar made in Honduras.  It performed quite well, although the draw seemed to tighten up as the cigar burned.  I gave it another cut with the V cutter, making an X which opened it up a little.  By that time I was just about through with it anyway, but it was a great smoke.  The meds I take for migraines can sometimes space me out a little, but the walk along with the cigar took my mind off, and by the time I was done with the cigar, the headache was pretty much gone and I was left with the fatigue which comes along with whole experience.  I enjoy the El Diario line, although I find that they aren’t exactly priced like a “Daily” cigar in my world.  The Classic and the Maduro are also excellent smokes, however I have not had any experience with the initial line of La Palina cigars, which are priced well out of my comfort zone.  As I said, the cigars I have smoked are great, and you can’t beat the people in the company, great bunch of folks!


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That’s it for today!  Whatever way you are celebrating the day, enjoy yourself.  I know I’m going to go ritually sacrifice some tobacco this afternoon.


Until the next time,



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